Mango Lemonade #recipe

mango lemonade adult drink recipe

I was having a tough day adulting the other day. Some days it’s just hard to be a mom. Pulling my hair out didn’t seem to be a good solution so I went into my kitchen to see if I could make myself a special drink. Here’s what I found in my cabinets.

mango lemonade recipe

I grabbed some Kool Aid lemonade and made it up following the package directions.
I added some lemons cut up to my lemonade and some strawberries for the pop of color.
I added my Mango vodka to my glass only so my kids could drink the lemonade because there was nothing alcoholic in it.
I used a shot glass full of mango vodka and then added to my glass.
Then I added my lemonade and my ice to my drink. It was equally delicious and yummy. It’s simply scrupmtious drink!

mango lemonade 1

What drinks are your go to drinks if you’ve had a rough day? Please remember to always drink responsibly! Have you ever had a stressful day while parenting? What do you do?

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