Do you get stumped giving gifts? $500 giveaway #WhyNotWednesday #BetterMatters @verizon #ad

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give a gift that lasts

Anytime I have to get a gift for my hubby I’m like a deer in the headlights. Stuck. I got nothing. No idea on what he would like. We’re at a stage in our life where we get what we want when we want it. So it’s hard. There’s nothing he really needs. Then a fun holiday comes up like Valentine’s Day and I’m like, ugh, I’ve got to come up with something. We don’t want flowers that die. I’d rather have a rose bush I can plant. He doesn’t want a gift that fades. So this year he needs a new phone. I’m thinking about getting him one and letting it be a fun Valentine’s gift or birthday present. His phone is beginning to weird out and shut down on us for no reason. It’s a bit frustrating.


Don’t let your bad phone keep you apart from your family! We all have that one friend or family member we can’t get ahold of. They don’t answer texts because they don’t receive them. They don’t answer phone calls because their phone never rings. Be sure to let them know that Verizon is working super hard to get you what you need and you can do it all online. You can get a tablet, smartphone or add a new line or become a new customer all from Verizon Wireless and save $50 on select smartphones with coupon code COUPONVZW! Who doesn’t like to save $50! My mom needs a new phone so I’m going to tell her about this deal. **The COUPONVZW offer expires 2/29/16. Available for new customers or additional lines of service. Not valid for upgrades.**


If I did this it would save me time and money and I could take him out to eat too! It’d be a win/win for him and me (I don’t have to cook! woot woot!). Then I hear about a hidden offer! Verizon has a “hidden offer” where you receive a free Qi Wireless Charger if you purchase a Droid Turbo 2 phone. This offer only shows up when you add the Droid Turbo 2 phone to your cart, and to receive your free charger you must purchase the monthly device payment, not the full retail price. This offer is good through 2/25. What a fabulous deal and he already uses a droid phone!

We’re running a giveaway to help you purchase a new phone if that’s what you choose to buy with it. Check out our giveaway.
Want to win $500 Amazon? Check out our giveaway and enter below! Wait for the rafflecopter to load and then enter.

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Giveaway dates are Tuesday, February 2 10:00 Am- Tuesday, March 1 11:59 PM EST
Disclaimers or Restrictions: U.S. residents ages 18 and up only

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23 Replies to “Do you get stumped giving gifts? $500 giveaway #WhyNotWednesday #BetterMatters @verizon #ad”

  1. I would pick the Apple iphone 6S because I’ve liked my Apple iphone 5 so much and am getting better @ taking photos and posting on Instagram

  2. The Apple iphone 6 Plus is bright and feminine and would be a great gift for me for Valentine’s Day from my husband

  3. Louis Vuitton and antique jewelery are always popular gifts in our house! Phones, not so much. We see those as a necessity, not gift material, though my teenage stepson would probably disagree. I’ve never seen anyone murder smartphones faster than a teenage boy!

  4. Great giveaway! I love my Apple iPhone 6+. I couldn’t live without it as a blogger and a Mom. There are times when I am waiting (for hours) at soccer practice, between games at a tournament or at school and I am able to multi-task and help with homework and keep connected. My smart phone is a life saver!

  5. Thinking about what I am going to get my husband for Valentines day is so stressful. I know it is usually men who are last minute but that is me in my relationship. Winning the Amazon card would really help!

  6. I am not a big iphone fan, so I would probably get the current Galaxy phone. I am still paying off my Galaxy S5, so a free upgrade would be pretty awesome! Thanks for the amazing giveaway and I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!

  7. My mother needs a new phone too! She’s been using a really really old phone with keypad! GASP! I have been telling her to switch to smart phones and finally after using mine, she’s convinced!

  8. Oh for sure, I always have a hard time thinking of what gifts to give. So this is an absolutely great giveaway!! Very generous in fact. Good luck to everyone!

  9. Galaxy S6 edge +
    SKU# SMG928VZKA would be my choice. It is a nice looking phone and has tons of nice features.
    ellen beck

  10. I would like the i-phone 6 plus. My daughter, and my sister have this phone, and they both love it.

  11. If I had a ceellphone and had to pick one I would pick the IPhone6. I have an old IPad1 I really like, and I like Apple products. I think Apple is easy to use, and is the most user friendly of them all. I also like the way it is laid out and how Apple works.


  12. I’d choose the Samsung Galaxy Note5 32GB in Black Sapphire. I currently own the Samsung Galaxy Note2 and I’ve been very happy with this phone. I just need to upgrade it.

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