Our Pact App Review gives you control of how long your kids can be on the internet on their phone

I’m excited to partner today with a wonderfully helpful app, OurPact. All opinions are my own.

Do you control screen time? With Our Pact it’s at your fingertips.

I have 3 kids. Two of which have kindles and love to get on them. I don’t mind them being on there but I always take them away at night. Well you no longer have to take them away and be the bad guy. You can download the Our Pact parental control and put timed controls on their devices so that the internet and their games turn off at bedtime. What a great way to keep your kids on their sleep schedule. It’s the best parental control app so download it here and it’s free.

our pact apps before and after on the kids phone

What can OurPact do?

our pact apps before and after on the kids phone

It has the ability to block all 3rd Party Apps and some Native iOS Apps.

With OurPact, parents can:
– Block Internet
– Block Apps
– Schedule Device Use
– Teach Time Management
– Have a peace of mind when their child’s on their device.

our pact logo

I really love the way we as parents can use this app. It’s amazing to me to think that the fights are over. It was super easy to install and use on the kids phones. Here’s how I installed it.

our pact phone table

I went to my IOS app store. Then I downloaded it for my iPhone (coming soon to Android). Then I set up my username and password.
I grabbed my kids devices and downloaded it to their phones/kindles/iPads and then hit pair. So that then synced it to my phone. That’s all it took. Now I can choose for the internet to be off for them for a period of a few hours and get them into reading or playing outside…well not today because it’s way too cold! What do you do to monitor screentime? Let me know if this app helps you as much as it helps me! Tell me why you are excited to download OurPact! Watch the video and see how it works!

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  1. april aakre says:

    Wow this app sounds awesome, my kids love being on electronics an are on them way too much.This is a great way to control that.

  2. Connie says:

    Thanks for the review. Looking at options and I like their concept to teach responsibility but the website lacks a good presentation to me.

  3. Our pact is an amazing application for parents for kids screen time management and blocking internet access. I’ve also installed on my child’s iPad and I’m satisfied with it.