How to save money on haircuts

Are you wondering how you can save money on haircuts?

There’s many ways you can save money. I’m the queen of trying to do most things myself. I just this past week cut my daughter’s hair. She’s never expected a nice salon cut. I just whipped out my scissors and went for it. I think it looks pretty cute and she’s happy with it. Her hair is long and straight. So it wasn’t too difficult. I’d say a girl’s hair is much easier to cut than say a boy’s. I used to cut my boys hair too. I’d just use clippers and buzz they’re hair back in the day. I mean after all hair grows back. I always thought it looked good and when the boys were young it was easier to cut their hair in front of a favorite movie than it was to take them to get their hair cut. It was a win/win.

how to save money on haircuts

Save money on dog haircuts too

I also cut my dogs hair. His hair grows so fast. He’s a maltese and a shih tzu mix and his hair needs cutting every 6 weeks with me cutting the hair on his face after 3 weeks. His haircuts are $50 each time I take him in to have it done. Well that’s more than I spend on my own haircuts. So I wasn’t about to pay for that when I can do it myself. My friend used to be a vet tech and she told me what to do to have an easier time cutting his hair. Here’s how I do it.

unexpected ways to save money that adds up

First I put him on my outside table. Then I attach his leash to a door knob or to my outdoor canopy over my deck. If he moves too much using this method then I attach a belt to the canopy and under his belly so I have more control over whether he stands or sits. This prevents him from sitting. It helps me do his back, back legs and backend. I bought my dog clippers from Amazon and got this pair of dog hair clippers. With two haircuts you’ve paid for your clippers. I estimate that I save $300/year by doing this myself. I have pretty much watched a few youtube videos and the rest I have learned by just doing it. I give him a buzz cut every time I cut his hair and it grows out before I know it. I don’t mess with guards I just buzz him. He wears coats and sweaters in winter when I still have to cut his hair. I know when to cut his hair after all this time. I don’t want his hair to get matted so I cut it every 6 weeks and it prevents that. It takes me 45 minutes and I consider 45 minutes and a saving of $50 a win!

before haircut at home saving money unexpected ways

Another way I save money on haircuts is by using Great Clips when they have their $7.99 sale. We all go in and get our hair cut then!

If you use these methods you could easily see a $400 savings each year. By me cutting my girl’s hair, giving the boys a buzz cut and cutting my dogs hair each month you see a significant savings. What a great way to save money! How do you save money on hair cuts? Did you see my post on how to save $354 a year and get salon hair color at home without a box?

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  1. Congratulations on successfully doing your daughter’s hair trim. My guy has told me that doing my hair is easier than doing my boys hair. He uses the scissors as well as the clippers. It is definitely easier getting into the routine of home haircuts when they are young.

    1. I think he’s right! They have a new gadget out that says it uses a level to cut your hair. I was like duh a level that’s what I need when I cut my girls hair. LOL

      1. I have seen the plastic gadget advertised on TV, it is called a creaclip. I would not want my husband to use that thing on my hair. I wouldn’t do the single ponytail chop on top of my head either as I don’t want uneven layers. When my husband does mine, he sections it, pins it up and trims the lower layers first to remove split and damaged ends. Just doing one pass with the shears or a clipper across the bottom would not trim my hair properly. He can cut straight and he checks to assure it is even by pulling sections of my hair forward and bringing them together. I get my hair cut for free and I am very particular about how my hair looks. He uses this method on my hair and it makes it fuller, while i get fewer tangles.
        Salons just cut straight across long hair as it is quicker than doing a more detailed trim, especially the cheaper salons where they just want to get you in and out, and then may not even get your hair trimmed even. The reason I started having my guy cut my hair was a bad haircut at the salon. The reason I started cutting my children’s hair at home was bad haircuts at the barbershop. Saving a lot of money wasn’t the primary reason, but I will take the savings with the better looking haircuts.

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