How to save $345 and get salon hair color at home!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to save your family money this year? I learned an easy tip from my hairstylist. I was telling her that my hair is becoming sprinkled with silver and I was not happy with that. But I also didn’t like using harsh boxed chemicals on my hair. She promptly told me I was too young to not get rid of my silver! I promptly gave her a raise for the sweet lies! LOL I followed what she told me to do to the letter and I’ve never looked back or looked better!

Here’s how to save $345 and get great salon hair color at home!

directions for hair color

Those are the directions for how to save $345 and get beautiful salon hair color at home! Love the directions she wrote down for me. I keep it in my small wella box. I bought all my supplies at Sally’s Beauty supply. I bought a bottle to mix the developer and the color in. Mixed up according to directions. I did 1 ounce of color and 2 ounces of developer and did my entire head. I have medium short hair. YOu may have to adjust if you have longer hair. That’s what I did the first time. From then forward I only touch up my roots. I think the total I spent was $14 the first time. The second time I spent $9 and that was after 4 colors from the first purchase. This time I bought an even bigger bottle of developer. So I will only have to buy the color for about 2 years now which will run me about $4 on the 5th time I color. We used our own disposable gloves and the time is on the boxes for how long you should leave it on. I leave it on 35 minutes. My hubby helps me do my hair and it saves me $90 plus tip each and every time. So far the savings has already totaled up to $345!! That’s a huge chunk of change.

how to save money on hair color diy tutorial
Here’s my hair after my hubby colored it.

I’m so thankful to my hairstylist for sharing this with me. Now this information was based on my hair. It worked for me. It may not work for you or it may work differently. Always do a dye test first to make sure you’re not allergic to the hair dyes (instructions are on the box). The ladies who work at Sally’s are great at helping. I went in there still slightly confused and they told me exactly what to do and what to buy. So if you’re still unsure they should be able to help guide your purchase.

how to get salon color at home

The developer being a 10 is what makes it less harsh. If it was a boxed hair color from the drug store they tend to use a 20 developer. I am all for less harsh chemicals. I know some day I’ll embrace my gray but I’m not ready yet! Do you color your hair at home? What other things do you do to save money?

**This is based on what worked on my hair. Everyone’s hair and body are different. Always consult your hairstylist or your doctor before you decide to go with home coloring. Always follow their advice.

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  1. My husband has been coloring my hair at home for the last 18 years because it’s just so much cheaper, but I’ve never bought the products separately. I really need to try this and see what happens. It really couldn’t be any worse than all my silver hair! 😉 Thanks for the tip.

    1. When I bought the boxed hair dyes I was always buying the cheapest and that’s usually the ones with the harshest chemicals. That’s why I was so excited to have her help me with this. I now feel a bit better about coloring my hair! Thanks for stopping by today Sherry!!!

  2. The home hair color saves me a lot of money. My mom had problems with hair color burning her scalp and my skin is sensitive as well. So when I started seeing the gray strands increasing in numbers I did some research. The box color and salon dyes as well are loaded with toxic chemicals that not only destroy your hair but are carcinogens. So I found that henna was the one safe natural product that would not leave my hair like straw. So I ordered the henna online and told my guy that being he cuts my hair, being my colorist is part of that job description. He mixed it as he saw on a Youtube video and he applied it for me. My hair is long, so I needed two boxes. Net result was gorgeous color, fantastic shine and it made my hair feel soft and silky, It was never in this good of condition. I had a woman sop me in the grocery store to ask where I had it done. She manages a salon and was impressed with the color. I told her my guy did it at home with henna. She told me she does not use henna as the color is not as predictable as the stuff she uses. She started to hand me her card as she said we do haircuts, but I told her my guy my hair as well. She said she was glad more women don’t do that and asked if he was looking for a job as she would hire him seeing my hair. My costs per year for cut and color are really low. He trims my hair every other month to remove splits and keep my ends well groomed (FREE), he does my full head with henna every three months and I get my roots touched up with leftover henna that I freeze at the 6 week point. Henna cost is about $40. So I am getting great color, my hair is kept neatly trimmed and is really soft and healthy. I would call that a win.

  3. You have answered my question. After reading several websites wondering if there was a more cost-effective way to dye my hair at home than buying a box of hair color or root touch up, your blog confirmed my suspicions 😉

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