DIY Valentines Day Candy Jar

DIY Valentines Day Candy Jar

DIY Valentines Day Candy Jar

Hello everyone! It’s a fine day to stay inside in the warm heat and get a little crafty isn’t it!? Valentines Day will be here before you know it, and I don’t know about you but any holiday that celebrates love and candy is one for me! I always like to decorate my home for the holidays and Valentines Day is one of my favorites as far as decorating goes. It’s the time of year I can have pink in my home and my husband can’t complain, ha! 

Conversation hearts are my absolute favorite Valentines Day Candy so I always have some of it around. But you must keep them in a sealed container or they go bad. What fun is it to keep them in a bag? So I thought it would be pretty cute to make a DIY Valentines Day Candy Jar to use not only as decoration, but to hold my favorite candy! Would you like to learn how to make one yourself? It’s super easy and looks great on a table setting or mantel! Let’s check it out:

Here is how to make this DIY Valentines Day Candy Jar:

Valentines Day Candy Jar

You Will Need:

  • Mason Jar
  • Paint (pink looks great, I’m sure red would too!)
  • 2 Colors of Ribbon
  • Candy (of course!)
  • Vinyl (or sticker) shape of choice

Step 1: Choose your design. I have a vinyl cutting machine that allows me to cut out shapes in vinyl, I found an image on google I liked and cut that out. You could also use stickers, OR you could use painters tape to create your own shape! 

Step 2: Adhere your chosen shape to your mason jar. You will want to make sure it is secured tightly so the paint doesn’t get underneath the design. 

DIY Candy Jar

Step 3: Now you will paint your jar! Depending on what type of paint you use you will probably need a few coats to cover the jar completely. You could also try different paint styles. On my 3rd coat I used a sponge to give it a distressed look!

valentines day candy jar

Step 4: Once your paint is completely dry carefully peel on your design. You will see that you can see your candy under the design! 

Step 5: Add some colorful ribbon to the top of your candy jar and display! 

Valentines Day Candy Jar

How easy was that? And oh-so-adorable if I do say so myself! Enjoy and happy Valentines Day!

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This would make such a sweet gift for mom or a friend. Check out my DIY Valentines Day Candy Jar

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