DIY Make your own Yogurt in a slow cooker #recipe

Are you like me and you go through a lot of yogurt in your family? Well I’ve got a simple and easy way for you to make a lot of yogurt for under $3.00. It made 2 large Ball jars full! Then with the whey you can make some healthy bread to go with your yogurt too! Don’t throw that out it has all the healthy nutrients in it that is so good for you! Check out how easy this was to make and then make it yourself!

how to make yogurt in your slow cooker

My son had just told me our milk was going bad. So I thought I have to use it and not waste it. Turns out it wasn’t going bad but he just likes to drink my lactose free milk. Sigh. I poured 8 cups vitamin D milk into my slow cooker. Then set it to low and let it cook for 2.5 hours. Ok let’s be honest…I went to lunch with a friend and forgot about it. It cooked for 4.5 hours but was only required to cook for 2.5. It didn’t hurt it to cook it longer.

how to make yogurt in the crockpot step one

Let that sit for another 3 hours unplugged with the lid on.

yogurt step 2

After the 3 hour resting with the lid on session you add one container of yogurt (mine was 6 oz) with live active cultures. I bought plain Fage and made sure it had the live active cultures. It did. Mix it well and then put the lid back on. Cover the entire slow cooker with a towel and let it sit for 12 hours.
yogurt in the slow cooker recipe

My 3 hour session ended at 6pm and I checked it the next morning before I took the kids to school. It was perfect. At this point it is a bit runny. Kind of like the consistency of a smoothie. You can eat it now or put it in the fridge and let it “gel” a bit more. Mine is in the fridge and I’m waiting for the good stuff. I can’t wait to have a yummy snack with it today. My son just made him son with a tsp of honey and a tsp of oatmeal and a cut up banana.

how to make yogurt at home in the crockpot

So here’s the steps!

1. Pour 8 cups milk into slow cooker and cook on low for 2.5 hours.
2. Then turn it off and let it sit in the crockpot for 3 hours.
3. Add yogurt with live active cultures (6oz cup of your own leftover or from the store. Make sure you use plain yogurt not flavored) to your slow cooker.
4. Cover with a towel and let it sit for 12 hours unplugged with lid on.
5. Pour into jars and let sit in the fridge to gel for an hour.
6. Eat and enjoy!

Now if this is too runny for you. You can get a nut bag and let it strain into a pot below. I’ve seen people hang their bags with yogurt in them on the handle of the cabinet with a bowl below for the whey to be strained into. I don’t have a nut bag yet so we’re eating it just like it is and loving it! She shows you how to use the nut bag here. Mine set up perfectly. It’s the right consistency and so yummy. I did cut up a banana, 3 tbs uncooked oats and 1/2 cup yogurt. It was the best lunch ever. So good and so low in sugar! I think this has about 150 calories, 8 grams of fat. But it’s so delicious you’ll love it. I made 2 quart size jars (think mayo jars). I’m down to 1.5 and it’s only been ready 3 hours. LOL So, so good!

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Have you made yogurt before? What mix ins would you use?

Are you looking to make your own yogurt? I've got a no fail recipe you make in a slow cooker!

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