ZZero Solar Charging Phone charger a great stocking stuffer

I was given this product to facilitate the writing of this review. All opinions are my own.

zzero solar charger review

I’m always looking to be more prepared in case of any emergency. On my wish list this year was two things. A solar charger for my phone and a solar charged lantern for the house. I have one down and one to go! Check out my review of the ZZero Solar Charger for my phone.

zzero solar charger 2 This shows you the size of the solar charging unit. The card is an index card.

This solar charger has so many uses. I love that you can also charge it using an outlet so that I can be ready. I love that it charged my phone twice before it had to be recharged. This product tells you it’s not for everyday charging but as more of a back up. Once you run it down it takes about a week to charge it back up using the sun. The solar part isn’t very big so that’s probably why. When you charge it in the house it takes not long at all using electricity. Maybe two hours on the charger. I liked that I could charge my daughter’s kindle, my iPhone and my hubby’s android phone. I love that it’s waterproof, dustproof and shockproof! Those are good traits for a solar charger for sure. I think it’s a good thing! How do you get prepared for any challenges? Do you have any solar items in your home? What should I add to my list of things to get to help me feel more prepared?

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