XFINITY Has a lot of kid friendly entertainment available at your fingertips #ad

I’ve partnered with XFINITY by Comcast to bring you this post on kid friendly entertainment. All opinions are honest and my own.

kids zone information how it works

Do you find it hard to keep the kids entertained? Is it a big priority in your life? Do you want to make sure that they’re watching good quality tv? Did you know that with the X1 operating system from XFINITY, you’ll have at your fingertips lots of kid-friendly features that Google Fiber doesn’t offer. This includes things like the Kids Zone, Playlists and even some fun Easter Eggs from the Voice Remote that your kids will love! Like how I slid in there it’s a voice remote? What?

use your dvr with kids zone from xfinity

So you’re probably wondering what is Kids Zone?

Kids Zone is a specially designed section of X1 made totally for children. In it is all of their favorite TV shows. However that’s not all. Kids Zone includes movies, TV shows, your DVRed recordings and even On Demand choices. It gives your children the choice to be independent and view what they want. However it disables certain features like channel up/down and the ability to purchase or rent programming so they don’t fall into something you’d not want them viewing. The fun interface was made with kids in mind. It is something you won’t find with Google Fiber.

kids zone allows parents to control what they watch I love that Kids Zone has parental controls.

Because of the Voice Remote from XFINITY, your precious little ones can spend time trying out their favorite movie quotes and finding the shows they love the most by topic. The most recent update gives them the ability to speak into the remote with phrases from the popular Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go! My kids love that show. We are all about the Minions here at our house. So of course one of my personal favorites is Minionese! Try out “banana” or “kudos!” next time your kids are picking up the remote – it is way to fun!
The Voice Remote is only available from XFINITY – Google Fiber can’t put your shows in front of you just by speaking! How cool is that?

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What’s your favorite feature of XFINITY Kids Zone?

17 Replies to “XFINITY Has a lot of kid friendly entertainment available at your fingertips #ad”

  1. At this day and age, we all need something that would help us track what shows the kids are watching. You’ll never know because shows are becoming more and more inappropriate. This is really helpful!

  2. I haven’t tried this XFINITY service. Seems like a good option. I must research. thanks for the tips!

  3. Great post indeed. Whenever my little boy see spongebob he smile and watch it happily. He really love watching kiddie show together with my niece.

  4. I like that they have a section for the kids. I’m always worried that my kids will stumble upon something they aren’t supposed to see. This is why I love Netflix too. They have a section for kids too.

  5. I like the comparison between the two services. I think it is very important that kids can watch what they want based on parental control. Gives peace of mind to the parents that their kids are not going to stumble upon inappropriate content if they are not around.

  6. XFINITY by Comcast really does have a lot of great entertainment for children that is safe for them to watch. There are way too many programs that most parents would not want their kids watching which is a shame as there are so many worthwhile educational programs for them.

  7. I have never tried any of these types of services but the range and versatility looks appealing. There are certainly times I think for all parents that things like this come in handy!!

  8. Sounds like a great service. I too like a service in which you can regulate what the kids are watching. Family themed channels give families another way to bond together.

  9. I just heard about the Xfinity voice-remote from a co-worker but we no longer have Xfinity in our house : ( We are constantly struggling to find suitable things for our toddler to watch (who is also a minion lover) I love the ‘Easter Eggs’ how fun is that!

  10. I really like services that allow you to set up separate profiles for your children. We have one service that also allows this and it makes me feel better knowing that my nine year old won’t accidentally stumble into something that she isn’t supposed to. Can’t be too careful these days!

  11. I like that there are so many different settings for parents to safely monitor their kid’s TV activities, like whether or not they can record shows. We don’t have Xfinity here, but I do pay for weekly access to their wi-fi hotspots when I travel to Michigan.

  12. The kids zone sounds great. My brother has 3 girls that are always looking for something to watch. This may give them lots more options.

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