How to Raise Brave Girls

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brave girls raising young women with passion and purpose

Brave Girls: Raising Young Women with Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders

What can I tell you about the book Brave Girls? It’s amazing. It’s poignant and truthful. It’s hard to hear and it’s impossible to put down. This book focuses on the fact that women have power. A lot of times we’re put down if we are outspoken or have good ideas. We’re put down because women are supposed to be quiet and listen. But pay attention women are here and ready to be heard. I want to raise my daughter to know that it’s ok to be outspoken and at times even necessary. She’s got a strong personality. I want to encourage her. In boys we’d call it a leader and in girls we call it a strong personality. Why is that? Girls have just as much right to be a leader as boys. Let’s nourish this in our girls.

my brave girl raising young women with passion and purpose

After interviewing many of our women leaders and discovering that they were bogged down with fears and insecurities the author to set out to find out how to change that in the next generation. And the truth is she’s on to something. If you have a daughter, granddaughter, neice or even just a young friend. Read this book and share it with them. Let’s get in the habit of telling girls they can do anything and letting them voice their opinions without it being a detriment to their personality!

Stacey Radin and Leslie Goldman have a hit out of the park with this book. Let’s lift our girls up and not tear them down. Let’s start it now! Get to reading or ask for it for a present. Why not get involved in her unleashed project?

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