Get your garden ready for winter today!

I worked yesterday in my yard for a few hours. I have to get it ready for winter. What do you work on before winter gets here in your garden or yard? Here’s 5 things I do to get my garden ready for winter.

1. Rake pine needles and place them around my trees and in my mulch. I have 2 large pine trees and their needles are rich in what some areas of my yard need. And it’s cheap mulch.


2. Trim back my rose bushes and any bushes you need trimmed. I trim them back so that next year they flourish more than ever.

3. Give your blueberry bushes a dose of fertilizer. They tend to like a more acidic soil. You should have your soil test to be sure. Check out this fertilizing article on it here.

4. I raked my leaves and put them on top of my plants in my flower bed. This gives the flowers extra protection over the winter and a great place for bugs to live. The few times we’ve raked our yard all before winter began our plants died. So we make sure to rake the leaves to our mulch and then pour our water (that we collect in buckets) on top of them so they’ll stay in place and begin to break down.

5. Do the last mowing of the lawn for the season. This clips any large weeds that may have grown and gets the leaves that have already fallen chopped up and broken back down in to your yard.

The last thing I did was empty my buckets and my rain barrel. Emptying them is done so that the rain that falls and then gets stored in them doesn’t burst once the temperature drops to less than 22*. I don’t want the rain barrel my husband put work into breaking! It’s so nice to have it when my garden is up and going strong.

On another note we just ate our second to last tomatoe today. I was so sad to see it go. That means 6 months without tomatoes. Sniff.

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