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I was sent on an all expense paid press trip to gather these interviews and bring them to you. All opinions are my own.

good dino interview with Raymond Ochoa, Marcus Scribner, and Jack Bright

We had so much fun interviewing Raymond Ochoa (Arlo), Marcus Scribner (Buck in Good Dinosaur and on Black-ish as teen son) and Jack Bright (Spot) before the Good Dinosaur Premier. Check out what we learned about how hard it is to voice a film.

Did you guys do any research before accepting these roles?

Raymond: I definitely did. I needed to know what an apatosaurus looked like and how it behaved so that I could have a clue on how to voice it. I think Pete trusted me with it and it all worked out well.

Marcus agreed his voice for Arlo was spot on. (See what I did there?) Marcus had no idea an apatosaurus used to be a brontosaurus. Buck is really rough and rambunctios. So I had to really get in there and give it my all.

Jack said playing Spot was fun. You get to make all these noises and go all out. You get to go around the house and annoy your siblings. They wanted to know how growling and yelling got me a movie. I had to make like growling and yelling noises at them a lot.

Raymond thought Jack had the toughest job but that he did an amazing job with the sounds of Spot.

So how long did you guys work on your sessions?

Raymond: Well it was about a year working on the movie. I kept getting call backs to do things over. It was about a 6 hour session every time. I enjoyed it so much. Pete Sohn is so amazing with directing you and what you need to do. It felt like I was acting with Jack and Marcus because he did all those characters with me.

Marcus: Working with Pete was amazing. He let me know how he wanted the character to be portrayed. Buck is definitely different than the characters I’ve played on TV.

How are you balancing being celebrities and girls and parents?

Raymond: It’s a great part of being in the industry. I have 3 older brothers and they’re all in the entertainment business.I grew up knowing nothing but the entertainment business. I have amazing parents that help me stay grounded and amazing brothers that help guide my life. Family is the key. Girls aren’t my focus. My career is my focus.

Was there a particular scene you enjoyed voicing and seeing come to life later?

Jack: I’ve not seen the movie yet but my favorite part is when Arlo tries to get berries from the trees. It’s a sweet scene. That’s my favorite scene.

Raymond: I like the scene when Arlo and Spot are in the sand sharing their family. That took me the longest to film. It was really an impactful scene. Once I completed that scene it was a relief.

Marcus: My favorite scene is where Buck scares Arlo. That took a while to film. My voice is weird right now and it took a bit get it to sound right on film. I enjoyed seeing it on the big screen.

el capitan theater green dino premier Spot and Arlo on the sign of El Capitan Theater

What traits do you have in common with your characters?

Raymond: Arlo’s biggest goal is to make his Papa proud. I try to be the best son to my parents. They do so much for me. Arlo is so helpful so I want to be as helpful as he is.

Jack: Spot is kid boy. He’s wild. He’s not afraid of anything.

Raymond: Spot is very vicious and mean and Arlo’s not like that. But neither is Spot. I think Spot and Jack are both just kind.

Marcus: I aspire to be like Buck. He’s very self confident and a real leaders. I hope I have those traits or I can develop them in the future.

Do you have any siblings you can torture like Buck does in the movie?

Marcus: I have a sister and I don’t torture her as much as Buck does. But it’s fun.

Do you have any new projects coming up?

Jack: I don’t have anything new coming up.

Raymond: I have a movie in the works but nothing right now.

Marcus: I’m currently on Blackish. So this is my current work.

How does it feel to take part in Pixar history?

Marcus: It’s a mind blowing adventure. It’s a dream come true. It’s my first voice over work and it was amazing.

Jack: I grew up watching Cars and it’s a dream come true to be in one.

Raymond: I have 3 older brothers and my favorite is Monsters Inc. To be a part of a Pixar I’m just grateful to be given this opportunity.

If there’s one thing you’d want people your age to take from the movie what would it be?

Marcus: Self discovery, family and friendship. Arlo is finding who he is. He’s developing a friendship wth Spot.

Raymond: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Arlo thinks Spot is this mean, crazy person and it turns out he’s not. Don’t judge someone when you don’t know them.

Did any of you have any problems with your voices?

Raymond: Yes, my voice has gotten deeper. It was really funny to me because I was trying to match what was already in the film.

Marcus: There comes a time in a boys life… LOL I had trouble trying to laugh. Because my voice did deepen too.

Jack: It didn’t happen to me this time. I couldn’t make myself laugh so I had to have mom come in and tickle me.

What did you do when you first found out you got the role?

Marcus: when I found out I was at home so I went in my room and jumped up and down like ” I got Pixar y’all. My mind was blown.

Raymond: I was at the Pixar facility when I was told. I screamed. I was doing call backs at Pixar already. My brothers already knew so they told me. We then went out to celebrate. It was my favorite job.

Jack: My brother started out in the movie. Then he did a year of work and his voice changed and they had to replace him. So they called me in and gave it to me. LOL They said they were doing 50/50 with my brother than they made it 90/10. So my brother was mad.

Photo Credit ABC TV
Photo Credit ABC TV

We had a great time meeting the young ones who gave their voices to the Good Dinos! They were super nice and smart. Check out and follow the movie on their social media sites and watch the trailer!

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