Dunkin’ Donuts new latte and macchiatto hour breaks up the day #ad @dunkindonuts

I got the best news the other day! Dunkin’ Donuts has decided to have a National Afternoon Latte and Macchiatto break every afternoon from 2-6. My husband and I were out doing some Christmas shopping the other day and we stopped by to take advantage of it. It was a nice break to our day that’s for sure. From now until December 27 every afternoon you can stop in and get a medium iced or hot latte or machiatto for $1.99 each. What a great deal!

dunkin donuts afternoon latte machiatto break

I chose the iced mocha medium. My hubby got the medium mocha latte. As we were heading home we grabbed my son an iced caramel machiatto. He was in heaven. What a nice little pick me up in the afternoon. A day of shopping that had the perfect ending! Which of these is your favorite?

dunkin donuts in your stocking

You don’t have to settle for just plain mocha either. You can select any number of yummy add ins to personalize your drink. You can try snickerdoodle. Or maybe sugar cookie is more your style. I hear peppermint mocha is all the rage. Have you tried their expressos? They’re 100% fair trade certified beans. That’s such a great thing! Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide selection of Expressos, Cappuchino’s, Latte’s, and the latest is their Machiatto’s. Now you can get your drink hot or iced. Dunkin’ Donuts’ Macchiato is a handcrafted, layered espresso beverage made with steamed milk topped with two shots of Dunkin’ Donuts’ rich, freshly-brewed espresso. It’s just a little bit of heaven in a cup! They know that we have long days with endless hours. They’re just trying to offer us some ways to get through the day with great options that can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime!

get dunkin' donuts in your stocking Wouldn’t a gift card be great in your stocking?

So whether you’re on your way home, going out shopping or to visit a friend at this price it’s a great time to drop in and grab a yummy drink of your choice. A gift card so someone can take advantage of this deal would be a fantastic idea for teachers or mailmen! Don’t forget to drop in any day from now until December 27 from 2-6 and get the hot or cold machiatto or latte of your choice and mix it up! Try a different one each day! Which one is your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts drink?

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  1. Sounds so good. I love dunkin donuts in the morning on the way to work, it would be nice to enjoy their coffee as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the hot lattes. I didnt know about this deal. Thanks for posting it!
    Everyone in my house is getting a Dunkin Donut gift card in their stocking.

  3. I dropped by DD earlier to buy some doughnuts for my son. How I wish the Dunkin Donuts here would include Caramel Machiatto in their menu!

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