Walk to Stop Diabetes this Saturday in Nashville with Visionworks 11/7 #ad

I’m partnering with Visionworks to let you know about this great upcoming opportunity.

Looking for something fun to do on Saturday? Why not go and do the Walk to Stop Diabetes in Nashville at Centennial Park? It’s a great family fun event that will have activities and allow you to get active with your family and friends. In addition to doing the walk and getting healthy they have stations set up to get you more information about caring for your eyes and diabetes with valuable coupons to Visionworks. The family friendly event will include music, food, kids’ activities, local entertainment and most importantly, the company of those who are passionate about the fight against diabetes. Register online at stepout.diabetes.org/ to help find a cure for the more than 29 million Americans living with diabetes through fundraising.

visionworks walk for diabetes

At its ten locations in the Nashville area, Visionworks maintains a large selection of eyewear to promote healthy sight such as UV-treated lenses, polycarbonate impact-resistant lenses, polarized sun lenses, flexible frames and Optomap ultra-wide digital retinal imaging system. The Optomap is able to capture more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image, enhancing your eye doctor’s ability to detect the earliest sign of disease, like diabetes. To learn more about Visionworks, visit www.visionworks.com and use the store locator to find one of the Nashville-area locations nearest you.

Visionworks and Davis Vision believe in educating those that have diabetes or are inclined to get it. They want you to know to get your eyes screened at least once a year to help keep your eyes healhty and diabetes in check. By having this walk they hope to raise awareness and promote education. And that is nothing but a good thing! So go out and walk with your friends and family at the Stop the Diabetes Walk in Centennial Park on Saturday.

Do you or someone you know have diabetes? Have they gotten their yearly eye screening? Check out the local VisionWorks locations and encourage them to get it set up soon. Leave me a comment of who in your family or friends has dealt with diabetes and how they’re eyes are doing!

19 Replies to “Walk to Stop Diabetes this Saturday in Nashville with Visionworks 11/7 #ad”

  1. My dad has diabetes and gets his vision tested yearly. So far so good! I love my local visionworks, I got some awesome glasses from them a few months ago.

  2. Sounds like a great cause to walk for. The 9 year old son of a friend of mine just got diagnosed with Diabetes. He has to wear a pump of some kind all the time to monitor his sugar levels.

  3. This sounds like a great event to check out with the family. A lot of my family is at risk of diabetes so eye screenings are super important.

  4. My friend’s son has diabetes and another friend of mine was diagnosed as well. The walk is a great and popular fundraising and community-building concept.

  5. Great way to raise awareness around this important health issue. I hope there is a good turn out and people showing their support.

  6. My Dad is Diabetic and his eyes are okay. He had Lasik surgery to correct his vision and has not had any issues. He gets his eyes checked every year. This is a great walk to be involved with.

  7. This sounds like a great walk to be involved with. I will have to see if there will be one in my area soon.

  8. I had no idea there was a connection. I need to check in with my relatives with diabetes to make sure they are getting annual checks.

  9. I have a young cousin that is diabetic and it is heart breaking. So glad there are walks like this to help raise money to educate and help diabetics.

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