$50 Amazon giveaway and Save Money NOW For Black Friday With Albertson’s and Safeway #ALBSWYHoliday15

Save Money Now For Black Friday

Wondering how to save money Now for Black Friday?

With Black Friday right around the corner, you’re probably already worried about going overboard and blowing your holiday budget. Who can blame you? The deals are amazing and it’s easy to let your budget get away from your when you’re saving so much money. That’s right, I tend to look at Black Friday as a way to save money because there are so many things we need on sale. While I try my best to justify it as saving money, I have to be honest with myself and keep my spending under control, so I welcome any extra way to save. 

Does Guilt Free shopping sound good?

What if I told you that there’s a hack that can save you even more money, making your Black Friday shopping (almost) guilt free? Awesome, right? Well, listen up, because I’ve got the hack for you! The trick is to buy gift cards now to use later instead of cash on Black Friday. You’re probably wondering how that can save you money, right?  

Well, from now until December 1st, when you shop at Albertson’s and Safeway stores you can save money towards your Black Friday and other holiday shopping by purchasing gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Google, Sears, Fandango, Outback Steakhouse and many more. When you buy $125 or more in select gift cards you will receive a $15 coupon for your next purchase of $25 or more at Albertson’s or Safeway (Coupon presented at checkout. See store for more details.). There’s no limit to how many times you can get this great deal which means you can double or triple dip on the savings!

You also earn double fuel rewards on gift card purchases at Safeway everyday($1 = 2 points) and don’t forget to use your favorite rewards credit card to earn points, miles or cash back (some limits may apply)when you buy gift cards everyday. Don’t forget to use your Safeway Club Card!

Here is an example of how the savings works:
1st trip:
Buy $125 in gift cards
Receive $15 coupon

2nd trip:
Buy $125 in gift cards
Use $15 coupon
Pay $110
Receive $15 coupon

3rd trip:
Buy $125 in gift cards
Use $15 coupon 
Pay $110
Receive $15 coupon

4th trip:
Buy $125 
Use $15 coupon 
Pay $110
Receive $15 coupon

Total $ in gift cards bought $500
Total spent $455
$15 coupon remaining for next shopping trip
Total savings: $60

Gift cards can be used as cash to buy gifts on Black Friday and they make great gifts on their own or paired with something related. An iTunes gift card would go great with new headphones and an Outback Steakhouse gift card pairs nicely with a bottle of wine. With these savings, you can’t go wrong buying gift cards. There are so many gift cards to choose from so you can be sure that everyone on your list is covered. 

Remember, this offer ends on December 1st, so get down to your local Albertson’s or Safeway and maximize your Black Friday savings before time runs out! The more you buy the more you save with #ALBSWYHoliday15.

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