PINCHme a fun samples service to subscribe to!

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On November 10th Tuesday PINCHme will show us what they’re new samples are! Are you like me and trying to save money where you can? Do you need to try an item first before you buy it? Then the service called PINCHme is right for you. All you have to do is create an account to join. Then when they put the samples up you go in and request the samples you would like to try out. You will only receive what you’ve asked for! How great is that? What a great way to try it before you waste money buying it. For pregnant moms they’ve given away formula samples valued at $17.99. Make sure you put your due date in your profile so you take advantage of great samples like that! 

Here’s some examples of the samples!



Those are great samples right? The only thing they ask in return is that you fill out a survey on what you liked and didn’t like about the samples. The PINCHme sampling community is 1.6 million strong and growing daily. When your account is created you will answer some questions about your buying habits. This helps them tailor the samples to you. They don’t want to send baby food to someone that owns dogs and doesn’t have babies. Nor would they want to send dog food to a family with lots of kids and babies and no dogs. It’s just that simple.

Find PINCHme on the web!

PINCHme on the web:





What a nice new service for families who would like to try things before you buy it. Matching your needs to samples is one way they ensure that your needs are taken into account and met! Make sure you check out PINCHme!

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18 Replies to “PINCHme a fun samples service to subscribe to!”

  1. This is a great way to sample something without having to buy the entire package and find you don’t like it. I’ve never heard of PINCHMe before. I need to sign up immediately.

  2. That is a great box. I used till use pinch me all the time I don’t know why I stopped. Thanks for the reminder of this awesome site

  3. Oh wow, this is so awesome! All of those samples look amazing & I can’t believe that they would give away formula samples, etc. so great! I’m checking it out right now. Thank you for posting!!!

  4. What an awesome subscription service. Looks like a lot of great samples and a great deal!

  5. I saw this box and was wondering if you just got a random assortment or if they were able to tailor it to each consumer. I’m glad you can choose exactly what you want in there!

  6. I love this. Great way to test out products you are unsure of without spending a ton of money. And only a survey? totally doable!

  7. I’ve never heard of Pinchme before, but I love the idea and those samples are amazing! I wish we had somethig similar here where I live.

  8. My last name is Samples so you know I am pinching myself. Those are some really good products too so I’m going to stop typing now and go sign up. What a great deal!

  9. That’s a great concept. I hate when I buy something and I hate it. I get mad because I wasted my money on it. If never heard of them, but I’m headed over there now.

  10. Ummm I would love a subscription that gives me a variety of things! That way me and my cat can be excited! This is awesome

  11. This is a new concept – love the whole “send it back” if you don’t love it. Other boxes need to step their game up.

  12. This is really cool! I love how there is a little bit of everything in the box – even pet goodies!

  13. Wow! this looks like a great way to sample a few great products! I need to sign up as soon as possible!

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