Mentored gets the kids the tutoring help they need for a reasonable price #ad @mentoredsuccess

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What do you do when you can’t understand the kids homework?

Who do you turn to? Sometimes your children just need a bit of extra help doing their homework. I don’t know about you but I’m not much help with the homework they bring home today. It’s not done the same way I learned to do it. I love that Mentored makes it easy for my kids to check in and see if they’re working their math problems correctly. It will help with all areas of homework not just math! And it’s not very costly! For the small price of $5 per visit you get a 20 minute session that you can work on problems with. They cover math, reading comprehension, science, literature, test taking and more! You have two ways to get in touch with them. You can download the Mentored app for iPad, iPhone or you can use your trusted PC. This is geared towards 7th grade through college.

mentored chat tutoring Here’s our session with Andrew. You can either type the problem to them or take a pic and upload it to them. We did both. Typing it in seemed to be the quickest way to go though.

We did both iPad and PC and had very good results the different times we used them. My son was very happy to have help on his school work. We all know that I can’t help him anymore. They teach them way different than the way I was taught. So I’m out when it comes to math and sciences. I can still somewhat help in language and reading. But math? Forget about it! He had two different questions on two different days and we got help from two different people. Both did a great job. I know we will be leaning on the Mentored service from now on to get either of my kids the help they need.

mentored by iPhone or iPad app or pc Andrew was super helpful and friendly. He did a great job with my son and his question.

The last time my son used Mentored he simply asked me what site do I go to for help? Then he logged on and took it from there. It was awesome. To have help in my home where I am able to see what is going on is valuable to me as a mom! Make sure you check out Mentored and let it help your kids on a homework problem that is giving them a hard time or simply give them more help in studying for their next test! The teachers area available anytime anywhere. They’re on demand and ready for your kids and their needs. They do extensive screenings, interviews and background checks to make sure they get the best help for our kids. It’s just no secret that kids learn best when it’s one on one learning. That’s all Mentored offers.

Here’s a few fun statistics! Students who receive 1:1 tutoring:

Are 52% less likely to skip school
Are 46% less likely to use illicit drugs
Outperform 98% of their peers on standardized tests

With Mentored we can have that one on one tutoring and help them when they need it. It’s super affordable at $5 for a 20 minute session. The teacher my son hooked up with explained everything so well. He left the session feeling like I now know how to do it when I didn’t understand it before. We will definitely be coming back to Mentored time and time again!

how mentored tutoring works on app This is the homework problem we were working on! Thanks Mentored for being there for my son when he needed it!

7 Replies to “Mentored gets the kids the tutoring help they need for a reasonable price #ad @mentoredsuccess”

  1. Oh my gosh. My worst fear. My son is in preschool so he doesnt have homework yet but this will be saved for later! Great tool for parents.

  2. I definitely have realized that by about 5th grade my kiddos are learning about things that I have long since forgotten…like multiplying fractions! I do think this sounds like a helpful and really affordable option!

  3. My kids are still small but I have noticed that when I look at my cousin’s homework I am COMPLETELY lost. This is such a great tool to help kids succeed in school and help parents to not be disheartened when they can’t help their kids with the work

  4. I didn’t know about this app and I am glad you’ve shared this to us. Sometimes, I get headache trying to understand my children’s homework. This would be a great tool for us.

  5. A rate of $5 per visit is a great price for a little bit of tutoring. I think that this will help a lot of parents and kids out. Times have certainly changed with the resources available now.

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