Apricot Cranberry Chutney #12daysof

Apricot Cranberry Chutney

When I was at the store today I went ahead and bought my turkey. I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving and I’ve even bought a few Christmas presents already. I’m on it! lol Check out my friend Laura’s recipe and instructions for her Apricot Cranberry Chutney.


The Holidays are in the offing. The mood, the things we do are all heading towards some of the busiest days of the year. What truly unites us all together is the food we partake alongside with friends and family.
Let’s cook up a storm this season. Let’s not be shy to invite and be invited to celebrate with those whom we love and treasure.
Here’s a recipe idea for your sauces on a Thanksgiving table – Apricot Cranberry Chutney. Make something out-of-the-box this season to experience new tastes and flavors.
And dare NOT stop here! Browse through these amazing Thanksgiving creations you can easily implement and weave into your personalized Holiday Season 2015!

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