5 simple tips for traveling with kids over the holidays

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love that it’s all about family. The focus isn’t on presents or on gifts it’s just on being together with your family. When your family is from out of town then you may have to travel to go see them. Traveling over the holidays can be so stressful when you have kids. Here’s some tips to get you traveling in style without stress.

5 simple tips for traveling with kids

1. Make sure you bring lots of things for kids to do in the. They can do coloring books, reading material word search, suduko, hidden picture books or crossword puzzles. Anything that keeps them busy in the car is always a good thing. Why not get a pencil box and load it up with colored pencils, crayons and pens so they’re ready to get creative.

2. Preload your iPad with downloadable movies and tv shows. Did you know XFINITY allows you to record movies and tv shows and store them in the cloud? It’s called Cloud DVR and Google Fiber doesn’t even have that yet! So if you’re kids are into Star Wars Clone Wars you can record those to your dvr and then store them in the cloud and watch them on the road. That just took a horrible 6 hour drive into a pleasant experience. How nice would that make your holiday drive? The X1 Cloud DVR has 500 GB of storage, meaning you’ve got tons of shows and movies at your fingertips after downloading just waiting to be watched later. Can you imagine how quiet the car would be? I’m excited for myself thinking about taking my shows with me.

3. Carry a bag of snacks. Quick and easy snacks such as carrots, apples with peanut butter, whole wheat crackers, cheese sticks are easy to keep on hand. You can hard boil eggs and peel them ahead of time and that’s a great breakfast on the road. These are all things you can make up ahead of time and distribute through out the trip as needed. It’s so helpful to keep their tummies fed and their bodies happy.

4. Pack a cooler with small waters and milk. This way you don’t have to stop except to take bathroom breaks and get gas. You can use cool packs to make sure everything stays cool. I’d rather have my child drinking water and milk rather than sodas and juices.

5. Bring travel size games that they sell at the store. You can get connect four, yahtzee, go fish, etc. You can even get a book of games to play in the car. That way you can play the license plate game or the ABC game where you find a sign with the letter A then B. These are fun games that keep them passing time.

Finding things to do to keep the kids entertained is always a dilemma. Thank goodness we now have XFINITY. It’s offerings definitely keep the kids entertained moreso than competitors like Google Fiber would be able to. Love the the old school stuff like coloring books and crayons too. Are you traveling this coming week for Thanksgiving?

15 Replies to “5 simple tips for traveling with kids over the holidays”

  1. You are so right about bringing lots for kids to do in the car! My kids start with the “Are we there yet?” the minute we leave and unless I have good entertainment, I’m sunk!

  2. Now that my kids will be getting tablets, I will have to connect our XFinity to them as well! I certainly want to keep them entertained with travel.

  3. Having lots of things for the kids to do sure does keep them from getting bored and asking that age old question, “Are we there yet?” These are all great tips!

  4. We always make sure to have snacks for sure! I like getting ones that the kids don’t normally get, so that they have something extra special to look forward to.

  5. Awesome tips! I am not a mom yet, but I am a nanny and know the struggles of traveling with kids. Bringing an iPad with music, games and movies is definitely a must!

  6. These are all lovely tips, I do not have kids yet but I need to check out the XFINITY as I am always looking for ways to download movies on my ipad so I can watch on my long flights

  7. So wish we had these things during our long trips when I was a kid. Would have been so many less fights! We were so bored!

  8. We have definitely had to make sure that we have the tables preloaded with lots to do on trips. Great list.

  9. These are great tips. Thank god for technology right, because all we usually have to do is load the ipads up with different games and the kids are set along with our in car entertainment system.

  10. These are great tips for traveling during the holidays with kids. It is so important to keep the children preoccupied so having travel size games can be very important along with snacks for them.

  11. These are great tips. We want to make sure the destination is as good as the journey for a happy holiday, right?

  12. My son is always complaining about what it’s like going on long trips with his kids, perhaps he should read this post! 🙂 I definitely agree that snacks and an iPad are a great way to get them started!

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