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pet printable chore checklist for kids

As a mom to 3 kids and 3 furbabies getting all the stuff done around the house is not easy. I made a printable so that my kids can help me keep their pet space clean and fresh. Check out how easy it can be for your kids to help care for their pets.

fall decor and pet printable

You can see how I decorated my bathroom for fall here. I love all things pumpkins and gourds! I taped my Pet Chore Checklist to my mirror for the kids to look at and remember what they have to do. If you laminate it then they can check it off as it’s been done!

american home candle by yankee

I found my candles at Walmart on an endcap right at the front of the home goods section. They were so easy to find. The two wick candles were $14.95 each. Which is a deal! I use the American Home™ by Yankee Candle® brand to keep my house smelling fresh. There are certain scents that they have that I just love. The one that is my favorite is the Warm and Happy Home American Home™ by Yankee Candle® brand. I loooooove it. I use it almost every single day. It’s smells like cinnamon and homemade love! Because I have 3 animals and 3 kids in the house I live for these candles burning while I work to keep my home smelling fresh. The buttercream frosting candle comes in a close second. I love the smell of coffee maybe I should see if they have a coffee candle for the fall. It’s so convenient because you can pick these up now exclusively at WalMart.

american home yankee candle walmart
The jar candles are my absolute favorite. You can see here they have the Warm and Happy home, Shades of Fall, and the Sweet and Salty Caramel candle. Love these candles.

Don’t forget to print your printable Pet Chores checklist before you go!
pet chore printable

pet chores checklist (1)

Keeping your house smelling fresh and clean with pets takes work. But it’s so worth it. When you download my pet chores checklist you’ll be able to have help from your children keeping your pet area clean and fresh. When you grab a American Home™ by Yankee Candle® brand from WalMart your space will stay smelling fresh and clean. Make sure you follow the candle rules. Such as cut the wicks down to 1/8 of an inch before using so that the flame doesn’t get to tall. Be sure to let the candle burn until the top layer is a fragrant pool of liquid so that you get the full lovely fragrance. Always keep it on a flame resistant surface and never leave the candle in a drafty area or unattended. Following these simple steps you can enjoy your candle every day like I do.

Check out the quick video and see my baby Oreo!
Wondering how to keep your home smelling fresh and clean with pets? Why not try American Home by Yankee Candle®? Which of the new fragrances would you get for your home?

19 Replies to “Keep your pet area smelling fresh and clean and a Pet Care printable #LoveAmericanHome #ad #CollectiveBias”

  1. This is such a great idea- I don’t have kids but my niece has 4 pets and keeping track of their care and chores is a handful sometimes! #client

  2. What a great way to keep the home smelling fresh! We burn lots of candles in our house.

  3. Sorry but dogs should go outside for potty breaks more than twice a day. Only letting the dog(s) out twice a day can result in accidents in the house &/or UTIs & worse.

    1. I think mine go out every hour but not everyone’s home all day obviously. That’s all I was saying.

    2. I have to agree on this one. I have a puggle and beagle and most days I take them out at least 7-8 times 5:30 am, 7(Sometimes a bit later if the bus is late), 10, 3, 6, 9 and again at 11 before bed. This isn’t counting our “exercise” walk

  4. I want to try the sweet and salty caramel! I bet that smells so yummy and I know when I make treats during the holidays my caramel cookies always smell the best. It would be nice to have my house always smell like that 🙂

  5. I LOVE those candles too! My favorite is either anything cinnamon or autumn. I use the one we have in the house almost everyday in the winter. It reminds me of christmas. e don’t have a pet right now, but if we get one again this list you have is a great little chore chart for the kids! I love it.

  6. I am loving the cozy fall atmosphere you’ve set up in the bathroom. It really looks great. I need to get some candles too. We have a cat so that checklist will help too.

  7. That’s a cute list for kids to remember what to do for their pets. I am in charge of litter but my kids can brush and feed the rest of the pets.

  8. My dogs go out a ton during the day, and we go for plenty of walks. But my cats area I am constantly cleaning and keeping fresh smelling!

  9. I love candles… feel fresh and romantic. I also have a pet and having a hard time to remove odor

  10. I have two dogs and I sweep my kitchen floor twice a day because they s shed a lot. These are great tips.

  11. This is a great chart!! We have a problem near our dog crate! I never thought of putting a candle nearby. Thanks!

  12. I love it when our home smells good and that’s why I love scented candles so much. I will buy me that shades of fall next time I’m at the grocery store. Excited to smell it. 🙂

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