5 ways to save cash on groceries

5 Ways to Save Cash on Groceries

If you’re a human (I’m going to assume you are as you’re reading this) you have to eat. You probably even have a budget for your food consumption. Have you wondered if you can get your grocery bill down lower? If you answered yes to this question then this article is for you. Doing a budget is an important part of paying your bills. So you and only you know what amount you have set aside for your groceries. What if we can get it lower? Let’s learn 5 ways to save cash on groceries.

5 Ways to Save on Groceries

  1. Get your groceries at a discount store or a store like Aldi’s. I go there at least once a month to do my stock up grocery shopping. It limits the amount of items I can purchase to just what they have. They don’t have a ton of name brand products but they do have some. They have tons of great food products which allows me to get a lot for a lot less than if I went to another name brand store. It really saves me about $50 a month or more. 
  2. Limit your trips to the store. I try to go once a month for a big shop and maybe a small run in every other week. The more you’re at the store the more money you spend. Especially if you take your kids with you. Sometimes that means making stuff from scratch. I think that’s a great way to use up what you have and not buy more stuff.
  3. Do not shop hungry! Shopping hungry is the worst budget buster there is. Make sure you’ve had a meal before you go so that you are only purchasing what you need and not what looks good. 
  4. Shop the perimeter only! If you’re shopping the perimeter you’re getting the good stuff. Your meat, milk, veggies are all on the perimeter of the store. This helps you get what’s good for you and not the crap processed food in the middle of the aisles at the store. One of the stores I shop at I learned when they put out their markdown  meat out and what that schedule is. I try to go around 11 am because that is when I get the best deal on meat. 
  5. If you have special products that you love write them. Reach out to them on twitter, facebook or even by email and let them know how much that product means to your family. Many times they will send you a coupon to use to get money off their product. You can’t go wrong getting money off something you would have bought anyway. 

What ways do you find help you save money on groceries? Share them with me in a comment! 

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