Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers recipe #12daysof

Happy Back To School Season!! Now that schedules are a bit more busy and dinner time can be a bit more hectic I am very excited to be a part of this 12 Days of Slow Cooker Meals! What is better than walking through the door and smelling dinner DONE!

My kids love stuffed peppers. I love that we can now make them in the slow cooker. I had no idea. I can tell you that the next time I make stuffed peppers it will be in the slow cooker!

slow cooker stuffed peppers

Tracy at Having Fun Saving has an easy and delicious Stuffed Peppers Recipe for us, I love that you can even make it ahead of time and freeze! make two or more batches and have dinner DONE for another day smile emoticon Be sure to check out her TV Studio 10 link in the recipe too, you can see her prep this Stuffed Peppers Recipe on LIVE TV!

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