Please get your TB Blood test so we can keep children and adults safe! #TBBloodTest #ad #IC

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tb blood test

As a teacher and child care worker we are required to get the TB test done every few years. It’s a valid test that helps us to help take care of our children. If you’re supposed to get one they’re not too bad. This is coming from someone who doesn’t like needles or doctors! It’s a very simple test and worth it to keep the kids safe from TB. The earlier tests sometimes would give a false positive. But these new tests seem to have ironed all that out. Check out TB Blood Test and learn more about how this test is helping the medical professionals and educators. All you have to do is set up an appointment with your local doctor or health care provider. The old way they would give you a small stick. Mine have all been in my crook of my elbow. You go back two days later to have it read. Red raised area means TB, flat area means no TB. Couldn’t be simpler! All mine have always been non raised areas.

That’s the old way. The new test you have one doctor visit and then you’re given your results. Once and done. No more two visits. The new skin test isn’t a skin test at all it’s a blood test, plain and simple. It’s the new advance in technology we’ve been waiting for. 110 years in the making and we have a completely objective and reliable test. Finally! It’s the most accurate way to test for TB. They only draw 3 ml of fresh blood to do the test. The best part is once and done. You go in. They take blood. You go home and you don’t go back! Once and done and it’s a great way to take the new test! Make sure you ask for it the next time you go! When was the last time you had the TB test? Ask for the new one! 

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  1. I honestly had no idea that TB was still a thing. I thought we erradicated it back in the 20’s after the big epidemic.

  2. I didn’t realize this was something I needed to be tested for. Thanks for the info. I like how easy it is, not inconvenient at all.

  3. TB shots have come a long way! I remember the painful shot in the arm and having to go back a few days later to have it checked.

  4. I have heard of the teachers and child care workers getting it but I never thought of getting it myself. Its greater that they have come up with a new way of doing it that is quicker and less painful!

  5. As a teacher I know how important it is to get a TB test. It is disappointing that so many people commented on here that they didn’t even know that it was still a risk–and scary.

  6. I have to get a TB test every year for work. Some years they do the skin test and some years they do the blood draw, I think it’s whatever is most cost effective at the moment. HA!

  7. TB testing is a great way to screen for this disease. Although TB has almost been eradicated in some parts of the world, there are still sporadic cases being reported. It is best to have ourselves checked rather than suffer the disease.

  8. I had a false positive. It was hassle. I spent hours and extra money to take another test. Very unnecessary test

  9. I am just learning about this blood test for TB. It defiantly sounds simple and to the point.

  10. My Niece works in a daycare so she has to get tested for TB. I did not realize there was a blood test for this now. I will have to share this with her.

  11. My husband works in a hospital , his moms are nurses, his sister and aunts are nurses. He and his dad are respiratory therapist. WE are all too familiar with TB tests and others.

  12. I remember getting a tb test with my middle child. I didn’t have to have it done with my other two kids. I think this new way is so much more convenient. It’s a pain to go back for them to read the test.

  13. Our doctor makes sure we are all up to date with our immunizations including the TB shot. It’s scary to think some of these diseases are back.

  14. Wow that sounds great! I’ve had the old one multiple times (I world with senior citizens in my last job so it was required at least once a year) it was always inconvenient to find time to go back! I’m so glad they figured out how to eliminate that step!

  15. What the heck? I had to do this last year and it was still the 2 visit thing, which is such a pain! Must be super new…

  16. I haven’t heard of anyone having TB in such a long time. As a teacher, I had to get this test years ago…

  17. Wow, didn’t realize there was a need for this but glad we have a simple option to stay protected and protect others! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I am glad they have changed it so that you only have to go once. Going the second time was super inconvenient!

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