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Welcome to Our IPAD MINI 3 Giveaway!

ipad mini 3 giveaway

I love the iPad. It’s our favorite tablet. I won one about 4 years ago and we still use it daily. They’re amazing for searching the net, watching shows, etc. I was hoping I’d get an opportunity to let my readers win one. Check out what we’re doing and then enter below!

Kids love to use tablets that’s why it’s important that parents should monitor their usage. Good thing because you can do it easily with FlareKids, an app that provides safe, smart and simple entertainment for kids with parental controls. Read this Flare Kids App Review to know more about this cool free app.

Now it’s giveaway time! Together with my friends we’re giving you a chance to win an IPAD Mini 3. One lucky reader will win so hurry and send your entries now!

Enter Our IPAD MINI 3 Giveaway Now!

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Giveaway is open to US only and runs from 9/25 through 10/23 11:59pm EST.

78 Replies to “iPad 3 Mini Giveaway 10/23 US”

  1. I like that one can easily view the amount of time spent on the tablet and what was watched. Good tracking feature.

  2. I really like that it is password protected so there would be no way any changes could be made by kids.

  3. My favorite feature is that you can easily view from the parent area the amount of time and what your child watched. There are so many inappropriate shows and content out there. Sigh.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  4. I would love to win an iPad so I can easily check my email and use apps on vacation.

    kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  5. It is definitely the fact that it is password protected to prevent kids from making any changes. I had a friend of mine whose 9 year old figured out how to use mom and dads bank account to make in app purchases on some games he played so the password protection is awesome.

  6. I like that You can easily view from the parent area the amount of time and what your child watched.

  7. I would love to win the I pad 3. I have been trying to win one for years with no luck. I need one so bad because of my daughter and I doing homeschool. Thank you for giving away such a great prize.

  8. I want to win it for my husband to take with him when he is on the road for business to stay in touch and for work related things.

  9. I like how you can update it at anytime, makes grounding a lot easier. I’m glad this wasn’t around when I was a kid

  10. I think it is great that each child can have their own profile so that they can have the content that they like without having to share. It is something that is just for them. Thank you.

  11. I would love to win an iPad because I think that Apple makes a great product and I would love to have one. Great review and giveaway!

  12. I love it that each child has their own settings. With an 8 year old and a 15 year old, one size fits all doesn’t work for us.

  13. I like that you can limit the channels that they can watch, so they aren’t watching something that is inappropriate for them.

  14. I’d love to win an iPad for being able to bring it along with me wherever I go. I can then check emails, send emails, play games, read, catch up on the news, etc. I don’t have a “smart” phone, so having an iPad would enable me to interact when I’m away from home.

  15. My favorite feature is that you can easily view from the parent area the amount of time and what your child watched.

  16. Why do I want to an an Ipad? I have one pre-teen and one teen that use my laptop. Now my husband’s laptop as died, I have to share with him. The unfairness of it all.

  17. I would love to win an iPad so I can be mobile. I would love to access online recipes while in the kitchen, access social media and email while on-the-go and have a device I can download movies, music and games to.

  18. My favorite features are that parents can limit the channels available and that parents can adjust permissions.

  19. I like that it links right to your email account and can get notifications right at your desk, no tablet in hand needed. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. Hello, I would love to win this iPad because I loved my 6 year old iPad but it has become obsolete as all of the apps now need a higher OS to work. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. My favorite feature of the FlareKids App is that you can adjust at any time the permissions of the app as your child grows and develops 🙂

  22. I like that you can create a tablet interaction that is both personal and appropriate for each of your children

  23. I would love to win an iPad so I have the flexibility of taking the device with me when I travel, go stay at my daughter’s home, use it in the kitchen to access my online recipes watch movies online in bed and so much more.

  24. I would love to win this IPad for my son. He is always traveling and needs an IPad to stay connected. 🙂

  25. I would love to win an ipad because I am a book/product reviewer and this would make it easy for me to take along on trips as a laptop is kind of heavy to carry around in an airport when luggage is hard enough. I am disabled and whatever I can do to make things a bit easier for me is great! Thank you.

  26. i love the controls it gives the parents and that they can allow only certain things they want their kids to view

  27. I would love an iPad to Face Time with my grandkids that live out-of-state, access recipes online while in the kitchen, play games, keep in touch with family & friends via email and social media and so much more.

  28. My favorite feature is that you can limit the channels available for each child to choose and also that they can have their own profile.

  29. I would love to win this iPad mini 3 because my youngest son who is 4 is special needs and needs extra help with learning new things. I think an iPad would be perfect to let him sit down with for a half an hour at a time and play educational games. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  30. My son has been wanting an IPad and I would love to win this and surprise him with it on his birthday in a few weeks 🙂

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