Hot Mama 12 Secrets to a sizzling hot marriage!

When I first got this book I thought is this the book for me? I mean I’ve been married for 22 years. Very quickly I realized that yes, this book is for everyone. Whether you’ve been married a minute, 5 years, 10 or 22 like me. This book has something for everyone. So check out all the reasons why you should read Hot Mama!

hot mama book review

Kathi Lipp and Erin Macpherson have a winner on their hands with their new book Hot Mama.  This book is all about getting the sizzle back into your marriage. It wants you to leave the guilt behind and forge into a new era where you think “hot thoughts” to get in the mood for your partner. It’s witty and funny and yes even sweet at times. It talks about leaving the kids with a sitter or after they’re in bed and getting to really know your husband. Spend time with him, talk to him and find out what he likes and dislikes. It has a section where you can even learn questions answered from sexperts! Don’t forget that there’s a bucketlist in this book. They want you to do them. Cross ten items off your bucketlist this year and enjoy some fun with your man. This awesome author team has some new ebooks that are free on Amazon right now. Check them out too!


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Read this beautifully written book and become a Hot Mama for your man! How long have you been married?


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