Creepy Spider Donut Snack fun

Creepy Spider Donut snack

Creepy Spider Donut Snack Recipe

This was so fun for my girl and I to do one afternoon. We had a blast playing around with making creepy donut spiders. We tried dipping pretzels in chocolate first. But that was just a big mess and made the spiders look terrible! It’s fun to get to play with your food. Why not make this as a fun snack for the kids on Halloween. 

Creepy Spider Donut Snack Ingredients

chocolate covered mini donuts

pretzel twists

m and m’s or chocolate candies

candy corn but only the white part 

Insert pretzels into the donut. Add frosting to the chocolates. Insert the white part of the candy corn as feelers. And you’re done. You’ve made a fun snack that any and all kids would love to make and play with. This would be great for preschools or daycares. I loved doing stuff like this for my home day care I used to have. The kids love nothing more than playing with their food and now they can. It’s food. It’s fun. And it encourages creativity in the kids. They could have choices if you wanted to use different color chocolates, different type of pretzels and just let them make their own creepy spider donut snack


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