Color Vibe 5k Nashville was a blast! #TumEYummies #ad

color vibe race fun


Have you ever wondered what goes on at a Color Vibe race?

When we started training for the Color Vibe Nashville, which is sponsored by Tum-E Yummies,I wasn’t sure how it would go. I knew my husband and I would do great. I knew my kids would have fun but I also knew one of them might not enjoy it. But we pressed on and walked on average 3 miles during the week (mile a day) and 3 miles all at once on one day of the weekend. My dh and I enjoyed working out together. The kids did ok. They loved it during the week when it was around a mile a day. They complained on the weekend when it was 3 miles. Fast forward to the day of the race. I had this feeling that the crowd would make them enjoy the race. I’m so happy to say I was right. They were in rare form. The dj played great music and that got everyone pumped up and in a good mood. I was surprised my kids hopped right out of bed at 6am on a Sunday to go to the race.

Here’s some pre-race Color Vibe pictures.

color vibe i had just done zumba

My girl and I getting a pre-race picture with my hubby photo bombing us!

color vibe getting ready

You wear either hankerchiefs over your mouth so you don’t get it in your mouth or over your hair if you have light hair. I covered my hair. My hubby covered his mouth. When I ran through the color I used my elbow to cover my mouth and nose.

color vibe waiting to go

Waiting for it to start and getting anxious but having fun while the dj plays.


color vibe next year tutus

Next year I will find me a tutu to wear. I had no idea this was a thing but there were a lot of tutus.  And tutus just spell fun. Am I right?


color vibe zumba

We did zumba before the race. I mean it’s like they didn’t think we’d get a workout in that day. LOL At 7 am with a bunch of strangers doing zumba… and I had a blast. So much fun! Now let’s see some after race pictures. Be prepared…we look scary! 


color vibe me with color

Here’s what I looked like when I got to the car. We had seat protectors and even blankets to protect everything. We did a lot of laundry yesterday! 🙂 

color vibe me at the end at home

Here’s me with my sunglasses (they give you sunglasses) off. Whew I was a dirty girl with a purple and pink beard. I look like a zombie.

color vibe end of race!

This was us at the finish line! Woot Woot!! 

color vibe dance party

Have you ever thought about doing a Color Vibe 5k?

This was the after party. There were beach balls flying, dj with music and dancing. It was such a blast. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. And the great part is we had fun as a family. There’s such camaraderie at these races. People who run are giving high 5’s to the people who are walking. There were men chasing toddlers, kids giving high 5’s and outrunning their parents. We had so much fun. I can’t even describe the way everyone was so supportive. These are addicting and we as a family all agreed to do this again next year. So much fun and what a great way to get healthy as a family! Let’s show this kids how to get in shape and stay that way! Thank you Color Vibe Nashville and Tum-E Yummies for the fun we had!  Will you try the Color Vibe next year? Remember it’s family fun that the entire family can enjoy! 


10 Replies to “Color Vibe 5k Nashville was a blast! #TumEYummies #ad”

  1. Thank you for breaking it down. I always see people go and see them sprayed in an array of colors but didn’t know the whole story and I was always curious. I have never been in a race but I think this would be a fun one to go too.

  2. Interesting! I have never heard of a colour vibe race before! I think it looks like an awesome experience! I would love to wear a white top to colour for a fabulous keepsake memory!

  3. I have always wanted to do a Color Run based on photos I’ve seen – and yours are no different! WOW! What great pictures! It looks like you had a blast! I think it would be so fun to do a race like this. It would be even better to do it with a group of people! 🙂 Congrats!

  4. Congrats on the color run!! We did one this summer and it was so much fun! I was surprised how well we did but we had a lot of fun throwing the color and getting all dirty!

  5. Oh wow, you guys looked like you had so much fun at the race. The Zumba before the race sounds good as well. I’ve never been in a race, but I walk/run three to four times a week. Maybe next time I should join.

  6. This looks like so much fun! I have a neighbor that always goes to these in our area. I have not been yet but would love to go. I do love Zumba though and would sign up to that in a heartbeat knowing there will be Zumba but I see your point working out before a work out seems like a lot!

  7. I’ve thought about doing one, because it looks like so much fun and I know that my son would absolutely love it. But my main concern is how would I get all of that color off and out of my hair!

  8. I have been so many pictures of these fun looking color vibe events. I have always wanted to try one of them. I need to work on my running skills first before I enter, but I am motivated because this looks super fun!

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful time. You and your family look so happy to be participating in such an awesome 5K event! I love the color theme and your shoes could not have been more perfect for this event! 🙂 Great post! Enjoyed it! 🙂

  10. These races look so FUN but I’m so afraid of messing up my weave LOL! I love when races put a twist on things though and I may have to take my weave out and try this one

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