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EcoParentingLife Cloth Pad Review and Giveaway


When EcoParentingLife contacted me about giving away and reviewing their line of products. My only answer was yes. See I used to own a cloth diaper store so I’m all about natural living. I know that the chemicals in our lives are doing harm to our bodies. I cloth diapered my babies and yes I do use cloth pads 90% of the time. It’s what I prefer and it’s better for me. Did you ever watch what happened when they set the pads they sell at the drug store on fire? There’s so many chemicals they went up in flames instantly. It’s very eye opening. You should watch it if you haven’t.

cloth pads are better for you than disposable ones

So back to their cloth pads. I washed them as soon as I got them and then waited. Of course this was the time of the year that I was almost 2 weeks late. My body does this at least once a year. But the pads were waiting for me and I put them to use right away. They worked great and snapped around my panties just like the disposable ones do. They stayed in place and worked great for my week. I washed them every night even though I have enough that I don’t have too. If you wash them every night there’s less staining. Well after using mine for a week I had no stains. Zero. They’re awesome. Check out some info about EcoParentingLife’s cloth pads.

*FEEL GOOD about avoiding wasted money and landfill junk (typically 22 tampons/ sanitary pads are used per month!). Over a life time that is a HUGE saving compared to reusable, washable mama cloth sanitary pads.

*FEEL GOOD with confidence in the waterproof outer and comfort of the softer, cotton layer against your skin
CHARCOAL is super-absorbent and a huge new trend in cloth diapers too. Not only great at soaking up liquid, smells are neutralized and the dark color is forgiving of stains.

*PURPLE PRETTY PATTERN outer of sanitary napkin is feminine and discrete. Fold over and snap into place. Medium flow.

*ECO-FRIENDLY and a MUST for smart, sustainable women. Can also be known as Mama Cloth. Save 20% on second 5-pad pack!

They focus on women who suffer incontinence during pregnancy and after childbirth. Their reusable incontinence underwear has a black bamboo charcoal pad built in that absorbs up to 300ml of liquid. This means women can confidently head off to yoga, a run or laugh and sneeze without worrying about embarrassing leakage. They have breast pads for the breastfeeding moms. I hated the paper ones as they stuck to me. The cloth ones do not do it as much and they’re so much softer.

They also sell washable bamboo charcoal menstrual pads with a range of pretty prints, and these can be used for incontinence as well as during period to avoid leaks. Another product, Smart Cups, are our brand of menstrual cup, and these mean no pads or tampons are needed ever again, and save thousands of dollars as well as a lot if unnecessary plastic waste going to landfill.

Our brands are new to the market, recently launched by a stay at home mom, and we are looking for help raising awareness in a very targeted way to reach the women who we know will love these products

Interested in buying? You can purchase them from EcoParentingLife. Want to win them? Enter to win below on the rafflecopter!

Prize Package is:

Pads are 31.99
Cup is 15.99
wet bag is 10.99

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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13 Replies to “Cloth pads review and a giveaway 9/25 US”

  1. I am not a fan of disposables, seems like a waste. These are so amazing and to be so pretty is awesome!

  2. Visiting I was surprised to learn that their company is based in New Zealand.

  3. I like that they are reusable and I learned The average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, pantyliners, and tampons in her lifetime.

  4. Im shocked…whenever I hear “charcoal” pads, I thought they referred to the color. I never thought that the material was actual charcoal! Learn something new everyday! Oh and I want to fully switch to cloth pads because the cost is less.

  5. I learned that you can fold up cloth pads small so i can keep it in my school bag. I want to try this because i don’t like the way disposable pads feel.

  6. i thought i already left a comment but it disappeared! I learned about the charcoal material! and i want to switch to save money! $$

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