Candy Corn Harvest Mix recipe

Candy Corn Harvest Mix recipe

My kids love to eat sweet and salty. Oh wait that’s me. Oh well I force share my food habits with them. So I shared with them (ahem) that there’s nothing better than something sweet like candy corn with something salty like peanuts or pretzels. Yum. Check out my recipe and make it for yourself.

candy corn harvest trail mix recipe

1/4 cup sunflower seeds
2 cups cheerios any flavor you like I used multi grain
1 cup peanuts salted
1 cup raisins
1 cup chocolate candies
1 cup broken pretzels
1 cup candy corn

candy corn harvest trail mix recipe

Mix, shake and eat up! Enjoy. Add it to a cute flower pot with a clean sandwich baggie inside for really cute table decoration. What do you think about candy corn and this trail mix?

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