5 Ways to Save on Cable

5 ways to save on cable tv

Why are you still paying for cable? I’m asking this question of myself as well. I’m not sure why I’m still paying for cable. Oh because my dear husband loves it…and I like it too. Ahem. However I’d love to save that money. So I’ve been researching ways to cut costs on cable and here’s what I’ve found. I get no money for these links I’m just sharing with you what other options are out there. 

Dump cable…or try these options to save on cable tv instead.

  1. Try sling tv. They have a fun subscription service that starts about $25 a month. Looks like a great deal and you can get things you like added on. 
  2. Do without. Go to Radio Shack or order an antenna online and get free over the air tv which has about 35 channels. You get local channels, cw,  pbs, fox and more! Free is fun and what a way to save money! We did this for a year and that savings was amazing. Plus you still get tv. My favorite shows are sitcoms and cw and fox have quite a few on during the day that I got to enjoy! 
  3. Use netflix, hulu or another service like amazon prime. I love the 9/mo netflix subscription but I also enjoy the amazon prime. It’s fun to have them both and you’re still paying in a year what you paid for a month of paid cable television. 
  4. Do like my mom did and dump tv all together. She just uses her tablet or laptop. Why not go that route. Most tv shows have them online a day or two after airing. Some you do have to wait a month or more on though. Free is for me though! 
  5. If dumping tv or cable isn’t in the cards for you call and ask for a better rate. If you’re still under contract wait and then call around. Moving for a better deal is a great way to save money. But beware those that will up the rates after a year and you still have a year left on the contract! 

Have you tried any of these methods of reducing your cable bill? Which ones worked let me know in a comment! 


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