5 ways to have a fun birthday party for dad #BRBirthday #ad

5 ways to have birthday fun for dad
We had a blast this weekend celebrating my hubby’s birthday. He is loved. He didn’t get a ton of presents. We didn’t go out and have an expensive dinner. We did a low key family dinner where we all brought something. I love family dinners like that. You get together, have a meal and enjoy being with each other. Here’s 5 ways to have a fun birthday party for dad. 

This birthday party was sponsored by Baskin-Robbins. Regardless all opinions are honest and my own.

5 ways to have a fun birthday party for dad.

birthday cake baskin-robbins

Get him a fun cake that he loves.

You can make it or you can buy it. We bought his cake from Baskin-Robbins. It was super easy to order it online or run in the store and get what he loves. They have a cool global flavor of the month and it’s their banana split.  You can get that in a cup or a cone! John chose the oreo cookie cake with oreo cookie ice cream. It was heavenly. Everyone at the party was raving about how good it was. Even my picky sweet girl loved it. She was a only a little irritated that dad got the oreo on top of the cake! lol  Did you know that Baskin-Robbins is celebrating their 70th birthday? They’ve been an ice cream powerhouse with all their yummy flavors for quite awhile and I know I’ve been enjoying them since I was a kid. Getting Dad his favorite cake is one way to ensure dad has a great time on his birthday. 

birthday love baskin robbins

Decorate the table in a fun way. 

Birthdays are fun ways to express your love for your loved one in a special way. Wether it’s baking their cake or decorating the table let it be an expression of you. I was able to use this birthday banner as his table cover. I love the fun colors and he loved it too. Then add some fun paper flowers and his cake and presents and you’re ready to go. 

Invite the people they love.

We had his family and friends over and just loved on him. We didn’t do anything outlandish. Had some yummy lasagne with our family and friends. We sat outside. The kids played basketball and hide and seek and it was a truly lovely day. The more you can include others in their day the more fun it is for them. 


Play whatever he likes on tv or radio!

We had the football game on and he was a happy man! He felt like a king! It’s good to be king of your domain and loving every second of your family spoiling you on your special day. 

Have his favorite drink available. 

I made southern sweet tea for his party. He also had some soft drinks and maybe even a beer. It’s his day so we should have his favorites if we can and we did.  When you celebrate a birthday making it all about that person on their one day is a wonderful way to say I love you. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to tell them you care. 

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How do you make your loved ones feel special on their birthday? Do you have a special way you celebrate them? 


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19 Replies to “5 ways to have a fun birthday party for dad #BRBirthday #ad”

  1. Sounds like your husband had a great birthday party! My family and I also subscribe to the low-key party lifestyle, haha. Your evening sounds like it was right up my alley 🙂

  2. I had much rather celebrate birthdays at home. Our family has grown to include grandchildren and when we go out we have to get a table so big that some of the family never gets to talk to a family member sitting at the opposite end of the table. That cake looks delicious, by the way.

  3. Omg! What great ideas! My hubby is so hard to do anything for so my daughter just always make sure to have a killer cake for him lol

  4. These are good suggestions. For Dad’s birthday it should be things that Dad likes to do of course!

  5. I don’t think my husband has ever had a birthday party. He doesn’t have many friends so I think that’s part of the problem, we always just celebrate as a family. But he totally deserves one, these are great ideas.

  6. We’ll have a double birthday party this month! Going to pick up an ice cream for celebration!

  7. Birthdays are so much fun for anyone at any age. I guess you just make the best of it. That cake looks yummy!

  8. My dad is the most difficult person in the entire family to plan a party for! It’s a tricky thing to get something set up that has him as the center of the celebration instead of a sideline supporting figure – which he always is for everyone else.

  9. Great ideas! My husband is a homebody, but he does love ice cream cake and man, that one looks extra delicious!

  10. I take my Mom out to her favorite restaurant usually on her birthday–then my step brother and his family come down and we all go out for a great meal. She loves having her grandchildren and her great grandchild surrounding her! And yes, she loves going out to eat!

  11. Haha so true! For my dad’s last birthday he kept talking about how much he was craving nachos and didn’t know how to make it. So I planned a whole Mexican fiesta and had coronas and decorations and he loved it 🙂

  12. Love your tips, and I agree with getting his favorite cake and decorating the table in a fun way. One year, I printed out life-sized head shots of my Dad and used those as decorations everywhere.

  13. We do birthdays pretty big at my house. You basically can have any food or decorations you want, and watch what you want on TV all day.

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