Trulia makes house hunting fun #TruliHome

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This post is sponsored. I received compensation for this post as part of a promotional program with Trulia and MomSelect. Regardless all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

I bought my first house when I was 22 years old. I have always thought owning is the way to go in the housing market. I still am grateful for the home we bought together at our young age. It was the house we brought our first child into. It was the house we got married in. It’s a home that love built. We bought our second home as our family grew. We sold our first to get our second. This will be our last home as we plan on working on paying it off so we can eventually retire (in 25 years…cough cough). Owning your own home is such a right and a privilege. Even if you’re renting a home until you can afford to own it’s an exciting time. Are you interested in trying to win $25000 for a home purchase? Check out what Trulia is doing!

Truli makes house hunting fun. Check out this wacky couple and what they do when they get home!

Now don’t forget to head over there and enter the Trulia home sweepstakes. Just by entering your email you can win up to $25000! That would me a great downpayment on a house!

A bit more about Trulia!
Trulia® is a vibrant home shopping marketplace, focused on giving home buyers, sellers and renters the information they need to make better decisions. On mobile and the Web, Trulia provides house hunters with insights and unique information about properties, neighborhoods and real estate agents. Additionally, Trulia offers data and information about schools, crimes, commute times, and the real estate market.

Launched in 2005, Trulia is based in San Francisco and is owned and operated by Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:Z).
Trulia is a registered trademark of Trulia, Inc.

Now what makes you feel Truli Home? I feel truly home when I can hang out in the kitchen cooking dinner with my kids. Or I feel truly home when I can watch tv with my hubby while the kids are around. What about you? What makes you feel Truly Home? Leave me a comment and tell me which was your favorite video and what makes you feel truli home!

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15 Replies to “Trulia makes house hunting fun #TruliHome”

  1. I too bought my first home at a young age, 21. Now that our family has grown we are looking to buy a bigger home. Trulia is a great site to assist in the process.

  2. I’m actually on Trulia all the time. We want to move in the worst way, and I’m always on the website.

  3. I love Trulia.. the website is very easy to navigate and clean. we never bought any house through their list but we used their site to compare houses.

  4. Trulia sounds like a great service. This will be very helpful to those who are looking to buy a new home.

  5. Right now just doing anything at all in our own home would make me feel at home. Long story…but that’s my answer. 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great program. When I bought my first home it was very stressful. I wish I would have known about this sooner.

  7. Trulia sounds like a great place to check out if you are looking to by a new home. I will have to check it out for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  8. My brother is in the market for his first house and Trulia has been his number one resource. I know that he loves having everything in one place, like school and neighborhood information.

  9. Trulia’s sweepstakes is very generous…that is a high cash amount to put towards a house purchase. I did not know that Trulia was associated with Zillow.

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