Lunchbox ideas without sandwiches #12daysoflunches

We’re back with day 9 of our 12 days of lunches. My daughter takes her lunch each and every day. Her standard lunch is a turkey and cheese sandwich on bread with a bit of mayo on it. But she does get tired of it. I try to then come up with different ideas for her to take that will still make her full and happy. I came up with three more ideas on this post. Check out her new sandwich free lunchbox ideas in this post.


Celery is a very yummy way to get protein into your kids bellies. My kids love it with peanut butter and raisins on it. We call that ants on a log. She takes them and her special side items and her water. Then she also took celery with pimento cheese and whatever she wanted as sides. She said they were both pretty good. I like she’s getting fiber from the celery and protein from the peanut butter or the pimento cheese.


The last one we did as a last ditch effort to find her something to eat. We took 4 thin slices of turkey and wrapped it around a piece of string cheese. She was so happy with this because of her love of turkey and cheese. She loves to take applesauce in her lunchbox a lot. She’s also a huge fan of carrots. I love that she eats vegetables. I know this isn’t for everyone but you need to introduce veggies to them and get them eating them anyway you can.

What are your kids favorite things to pack in their lunches?

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