There is help for your acne! Illumask review @illumask

Illumask review on teens

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I had really bad acne when I was a teenager. I was on strong antibiotics and chemical agents to get my acne under control. My oldest has fought his own battles with it as well. When I heard about Illumask I was excited to try it out on my middle son and see if something that’s not so chemical based might work on him and his new acne. He’s got a little bit but it’s not bad. I’d love to keep it that way and stave it off for the future. So I was up for trying anything when this came up.

Here’s his before picture:

acne helps

And his after pic: after

Alright girls stand down! He’s a little young to be dating right now. 🙂 He loved the effect of using the illumask for 15 minutes a day for 30 days. Light therapy is what it’s called. Dermatologists have been using it for years. Now Illumask has made a way for us regular folks to do this at home. It has a blue light that kills the bacteria that causes pimples on and just below the skin. Then the red light is for enhancing the healing process, new skin cell turnover and reducing swelling, inflamation and redness.

Here’s some highlights of using Illumask:

Illumask only uses safe, gentle, and effective NON UV light
Illumask will leave no irritation, side effects or down time
Illumask is an FDA cleared medical device
It’s as easy to use as pushing a button!
The longer you use Illumask, the better the results (part of your daily skin care regimen)
Blue light starts to kill acne bacteria immediately, red light helps to reduce redness and inflammation

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I found this to work on my son’s small amount of acne. He was able to use it without much guidance and we made it a point to do it before bed while he was reading at night. It seemed to make the time pass by faster and he enjoyed his reading without missing any important family time!

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  1. This looks like an interesting product. I personally have had acne off and on my adult like. It’s tough when nothing helps.

    I hope he has long term benefits from using the mask.

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