15 Rocking Birthday Party Themes For Boys

15 Rocking Birthday Party Themes For Boys

boy birthday party themes

Does the little dude in your life have a birthday coming up? Awesome! Why not spend a little time planning him an awesome birthday party that he is sure to love and remember forever!? It’s really much easier than it sounds, and it’s so much better than heading to the store to grab patterned plates and wrapping paper and calling it a day. You can even get your kids to help with the party planning, crafting, and set up! Turn it into an activity the whole family can do together! Need some inspiration?

Here are 15 Rocking Birthday Party Themes For Boys!

1. How to throw an epic Avengers Party – It seems like the avengers are everywhere and this party is easy enough for anyone to perfect!

avengers party

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party – Order a pizza and strap on a turtle shell, because this party theme is perfect for any Ninja Turtle lover!

teenage mutant ninja turtles

3. Hulk Party Ideas – Another awesome super hero theme that will leave others green with envy! So get ready to hulk smash with these great ideas! 

hulk party ideas

4. Pirate Birthday Party Ideas – Pirate’s are a classic party theme and one of my personal favorites. So many different things you can do to make the party memorable! (Plus, any excuse to talk like a pirate is a good one!)

pirate party ideas

5. Easy Captain America Party – Captain America is one of my husbands favorite movies, and we actually threw him a themed party a few years ago. It’s a great idea for kids or adults!

captain america party

6. Dinosaur Party – With the recent release of  the new Jurassic Park movie, a Dinosaur themed party is sure to be in high demand! 


7. Lego Superhero Party – Lego is another hot party theme and for good reason! Who doesn’t love legos!? (Well, besides us moms who step on them in the middle of the night….).



lego superhero party

8. Ninja Party – Bring out your party guests inner Ninja with this easier-to-pull-off-than-you-think ninja party! 

ninja party

9. How to host a Jawesome Shark Themed Party – Do you have a boy that loves Shark Week? Then they are going to love this Shark theme that is sure to take a bite out of the competition! 

shark theme party

10. Camping Themed Party Ideas – Take your party from the livingroom to the great outdoors with these awesome camping themed party ideas. Sign me up for the trail mix bar! 

camping birthday party

11. All Aboard the Choo Choo Train Birthday Party – This party theme is perfect for the little train lover in your life!

choo choo train birthday party

12. Minecraft Birthday Party – Is any birthday party list complete without the addition of Minecraft? I bet a lot of kids would tell you no! This popular video game makes a fun party theme! 

minecraft birthday party

13. Big Hero 6 Birthday Party – Big Hero 6 was a huge blockbuster this year, and I’m sure anyone who loved the movie would love this party theme as well!

big hero 6 birthday party

14. A Mad Scientist Themed Birthday Party – This is probably one of my favorite themes on this list, so fun and unique! It would also be great for kids or adults!

mad scientist themed birthday party

15. Construction Themed Birthday Party – Break out the plastic dump trucks and throw an awesome construction themed birthday party which is perfect for boys!

construction party

Which Boy Birthday Party Theme Is Your Favorite?

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