15 Fun Birthday Party Themes For Girls

15 Fun Birthday Party Themes For Girls

girl birthday themes

So your little girl has a birthday coming up right? How exciting! With the age of blogs and pinterest I bet you can host a rocking birthday party that is sure to make the birthday girl smile, and impress everyone in attendance! Gone are the days of tacky pink streamers and generic Happy Birthday banners and cakes. Now it’s time to personalize your children’s birthday parties however they want! (Well, within reason of course!). Here are 15 Fun Birthday Party Themes For Girls that I’m sure they will love! Let’s check them out:

15 Fun Birthday Party Themes For Girls

1. The Little Mermaid Birthday Party – If you have a little girl that loves The Little Mermaid (and who doesn’t right!?) then this super sweet mermaid themed birthday party is perfect! 

little mermaid party

2. My Little Pony Party – My daughter loves My Little Pony and this party is SO adorable. From the cake to the decorations, this party will make your daughter feel like she was transported right to Ponyville! 

my little pony party

3. American Girl Themed Party – For those of us whose daughter has an American Girl Doll, I bet they would love this AG themed party that they can share with their favorite dolls!

american girl party

4. Minion Themed Birthday Party – This year my daughter had a Minion themed birthday party and absolutely loved it and so did all her guests! I don’t know what it is about those little yellow creatures, but they are oh-so-cute!


5. Pink Circus Themed Birthday Party – Not only is this party super sweet, it is really beautiful! I think this would make a fun and unique first birthday party theme! 

pink circus themed birthday

6. “Sew Cute” Lalaloopsy Birthday Party – Another super sweet party idea, any child that loves their Lalaloopsy Dolls are going to love this party theme!

lalaloopsy party

7. Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party – Ok, this might be my favorite theme on the whole list. I am a little bias thought, Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie. ha! 

alice in wonderland party

8. Bubble Birthday Party – Who says a themed party has to be based on a movie? This theme is super unique and well, bubbly! 

bubble party

9. Supergirl Themed Birthday – It’s not just the boys that love super hero’s right!? (My daughter has Batgirl for Halloween this year!). This party brings out the girly side of super hero’s and is sure to impress! 

super hero party

10. Rainbow Themed Birthday Party – Rainbows are one of the most beautiful things nature can do, and would make a great birthday party! So many different things you can do with all those colors! 

rainbow party

11. Spa Party – A little pampering, a little relaxing, and a whole lot of fun is what you will find at a spa themed party! 

spa party

12. Art Themed Birthday Party – For those with little ones that love to craft and create, an art party would be perfect! Plus, you have the favors covered with something the kids can make themselves!

art party

13.  Glow In The Dark Party – Bring the party into the night time with a glow in the dark party that is sure to light up their night!

glow in the dark party

14. Backyard Beach Party – Does your little girl love the beach but you don’t live close enough to the beach to throw a party there? Well then bring the beach home with this awesome outdoor party theme!

beach themed birthday party

15. Candyland Birthday Party – We have you candy lovers covered with this candyland birthday party! Your guests are sure to love this sweet theme.

candyland party


Which Girls party theme is your favorite!?

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