10 Birthday Cakes Little Girls Will Love

10 Birthday Cakes Little Girls Will Love

10 cake girls will love

Does your daughter have a birthday coming up? Are you looking for an awesome birthday cake to be the star of their birthday party theme? Well lucky for you you, I love looking on the internet for birthday stuff because I like to research way (too) far in advance. So I thought I would share with you some of the cutest birthday cakes that I found while looking for fun ideas for my daughter. So here are some of my personal favorites..

Here are 10 Birthday Cakes Little Girls Will Love:

1. Barbie Doll Cakes – I think this concept is SO cool! Making a cake that looks the the dress for a barbie, what little girl would love that right? And you could use the base instructions for any princess or character she loves. 

barbie cake

2. Pink Zebra Cake – This cake would be perfect for a tween girl, and not only does it look cool on the outside, there’s a surprise on the inside too!

pink zebra cake

3. Pink Ombre Rose Cake – I love the classic look of this cake. And you could change the color to any color that matches the theme of the party!

pink rose ombre cake

4. Homemade Pinata Cake – This cake might just look like another delicious chocolate cake, but it’s got a yummy secret in the middle! Bonus, it’s much easier to make than you might think. 

pinata cake


5. Royal Princess Crown Cake – This cake will be a hit with any princess on her birthday! 

princess crown cake

6. Flower Pot Cupcakes – In case you are a cupcake kind of gal, these super sweet flower pot cupcakes would be awesome!

flower pot cupcakes

7. Pastel Ruffle Rainbow Cake – This cake is as beautiful as it is tastes!

rainbow cake

8. No Bake Watermelon Cake – For those of us that would rather have fruit over a sugary cake, this watermelon “cake” is festive and still healthy! 

watermelon cake

9. Candy Birthday Cake – On the opposite end of the healthy spectrum, we have this awesome candy cake that anyone who loves candy will surely enjoy.

candy cake

10. Gummy Bear Layer Cake – This could be done in any color combo you want, and looks professionally made without a ton of effort, win win!

gummy bear cake


Which birthday cake is your favorite?

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