Pets and travel are you wondering where you can take them to with you?

Pets and travelling
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I often travel with all my animals. It’s just too hard to leave them at home. The one time I did I came home to my dog in the hospital because he made himself so sick that he was completely dehydrated and ill. Poor baby. We learned after that to take them with us on vacation.

Hipmunk Releases Pet-Friendly Hotels Index

Traveling, in itself, can be stressful. But traveling with a pet adds an extra dimension of complexities and costs: Will your furry companion be able to join you on the airplane, or will he be relegated to the cargo hold? If you drive, will it be comfortable in the car on a long road trip? Heck, should you just get a pet-sitter, or check the animal into a pet hotel instead? Is it worth the hassle?

If you do decide to bring along a pet, and manage to navigate through these challenges, a whole new roadblock awaits at your destination: will your hotel allow the animal to stay in your room with you? Some hotels ban pets entirely, while others impose onerous restrictions, or tack on additional fees to check in a pet. Before planning your trip, it’s imperative to ensure that your hotel choice allows pets, otherwise you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when checking in.

At Hipmunk, we track the amenities offered by each hotel in our search engine. One of which is whether or not an accommodation is pet-friendly. According to our data, in the United States just 41% of hotels are designated pet-friendly. Globally, this number drops to 34%.

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