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Working out is such an important part of our life. I try to work out 3 days a week but it for some reason almost always ends up being 2. Which I know isn’t good. This home gym looks amazing. Like something I would be able to use daily. Would you like to win one? What a great thing to win something that keeps you healthy too.

In a nutshell the Journey Gym is an entire workout system in a small package. You can do it all with the Journey Gym, on top of cardio you can work every muscle imaginable, and once you are done you can put it all away neatly, and tuck it away for next time.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out this video featuring Kim Lyons, who was a former trainer on the hit TV show The Biggest Loser!!


journey gym Product Overview from journey gym on Vimeo.

“We at journey gym have created the Health Is A Journey System, a health and fitness system for the rest of us, to target the 84% of Americans who have not and will not join a gym. Our Health Is A Journey System is utilized by customers of all health and fitness levels regardless of size, gender, occupation, and age. At journey gym, we remove the top five hurdles associated with unsuccessful systems and provide a health foundation that can be maintained and built upon by offering the following five solutions:

1) TIME – our workouts are 5 to 20 minutes maximum and utilize Gradually Ramping Interval Training (G.R.I.T.), provably the most effective way to workout
2) SUPPORT – our system includes our Star Trainers, our online Health Community, our Persistency Centers, and our Medical Team to support your journey
3) RESULTS – our customers workout an average of 85 minutes a week and lose as much as 25-40 lbs., 25-35% of body fat, 20-25 inches in just 10 weeks
4) SUCCESS – our system starts at 5 minutes a day, 2 to 3 days a week, and gradually ramps while teaching you how to adopt a healthy lifestyle
5) COST – our system costs less than one month’s health insurance benefits, is not a recurring fee, and is a one time investment for a lifetime of support

Our Health Is A Journey System provides you with all of the tools you need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle at a one-time price you can afford. We are journey gym and provide you and yours with “The Health & Fitness Systems For The Rest Of Us.””

This fantastic product will save you time, money, and space! You won’t have to drive to the gym, spend money on a membership, and since it is so compact you need very little space to get a full body workout.

I am so excited to introduce this fantastic product to you, and even more excited to offer my readers a chance to WIN their very own Journey Gym Ultimate Package! The ultimate package includes the journey gym, 10 instructional workout DVDs, Fitbook training journal, Nutrition Guide, 3 Year Membership, and MORE!! Enter below to win!

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6 Replies to “Journey Gym Giveaway 7/16 US”

  1. My daughter 😛 I have full custody and she’s definitely a handful! Makes it hard to find time to do things like that.

  2. My biggest obstacle is timing. My husband works out during the day and then is home when I get home, so my working out interferes with us spending time together.

  3. The biggest obstacle the keeps me from exercising is that I have chronic illnesses. This system would be awesome because I could use it in my home for 10-15 a few times a day. Nice! Thank-you for this super generous chance. 🙂

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