Glow in the Dark Mason Jar table decorations

My girl loves to craft and we’ve been crafting up a storm this week. She loves to help me with the blog. I know that she’ll probably be taking this blog over when I’m ready to retire. She’s as crafty if not craftier than me. She had this idea to break open glow sticks and put them in mason jars. Then when you have a night time party you can set them out. I did two simple video examples of this as well as pictures. Check them out.

First gather your items needed!
glow in the dark jars gather items needed

Here’s the how to video:

and when you’re done!

How cute are those? Wouldn’t that be a great thing for a birthday party at night or a fun nighttime wedding, etc.

glowing jars

**There are toxic chemicals used in the glow sticks. They say they’re nontoxic and they are as long as they are contained in the glow stick. So as always wear gloves and be careful. Do not roll around in the glow sticks liquid or get it on your skin or in your eyes. It’s just not a good idea. Use caution when making any ideas found on the internet. This is my disclaimer! 😛

What would you use it for at your next event or party? Check out my other event posts as your visiting my little blog! Who wouldn’t want to eat Mexican Hot Chocolate Chex mix recipe? 4th of July party ideas that will make your party a hit is another great resource. 10 0f the best Pinterest ideas for Graduation parties is another must see article. 5 Ways to host the best summer party for kids is another great one for you to check out. My sister site More from Mom has 5 brunch ideas to feed 75-100 for under $250 and Wedding menu ideas for feeding a lot for a little as well. Hope you find something you can use. If you know of an idea that you think I should include please let me know and I’ll try to put it in my schedule to get it on the blog!

13 Replies to “Glow in the Dark Mason Jar table decorations”

  1. This is a really great idea for anything outside during the summer. My kids would love a night swim with these lighting up our backyard!

  2. They look so neat in the dark! I can definitely see these as table decorations for parties at night!

  3. I love it! They are perfect in mason jars and I have both of these right now because I bought those glow sticks for the fourth of July!! I’m gonna have to give this a try!

  4. These would be fun for a simmer pool party, wedding table decor, or a glow in the dark birthday party. I haven’t cut open glow Sticks before, do they lose their glowing properties after several hours?

  5. What a cool idea and the perfect way to entertain kids at a party… Most kids and adults love glow in the dark stuff so this would be a big hit. 🙂

  6. This is totally an awesome idea indeed. There is always crafts you can do with mason jars. The glow sticks in them to make a night light is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The mason jar looks great and I love this wonderful idea. Its very creative and looks like easy to make as well. My kids love to do such creative craft works. I think this would be perfect for parties and table decorations as well.

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