DIY Sponge Balls for cheap summer fun!

DIY Sponge Balls for cheap summer fun!

sponge balls


It is a beautiful day down here in Tennessee and my family and I are spending most of it outside to soak up some sun! Now, while it is sunny and pretty outside, it’s also HOT so I am always looking for ways to cool down. My kids are huge fans of water balloon fights, but let’s face it, you spend an hour filling those buggers up, and it takes about 5 minutes for your kids to have thrown and popped them all, and then it’s over. This is why I made my DIY Sponge Balls that I’m going to show you how to make today! It’s like a neverending water balloon fight with 0 effort and 0 clean up. Win-Win for sure! Let’s check them out!

Here is how to make these DIY Sponge Balls:

sponge balls

You Will Need:

  • Sponges! (2 sponges per ball)
  • Scissors 
  • Rubberbands
  • Bucket

diy sponge balls

Step 1: Cut your sponges into strips long ways. 4 strips each sponge. You will need 2 sponges per ball, and they look more fun if they are different colors!

sponge balls steps

Step 2: Then you will want to line your strips up 4 on bottom, and 4 on top. Make sure to alternate the colors if you chose to use more than 1 color!

sponge stepsStep 3: Then you will be taking your rubber band and securing the middle of your sponge stack. Once it is secured, you can twist and mold your sponge strips until they form the ball shape you want. Make sure your rubberband is tight so your ball will keep it’s shape when wet.

DIY sponge balls

After you have made your balls, grab your bucket and fill it with water. Toss your balls in to let them soak up some water and then let the water fight begin! See what I mean? It’s easy, cheap, and most importantly fun! And unlike water balloons you can use these over and over! 


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