DIY Crayon Candy Jar Teachers Gift

DIY Crayon Candy Jar Teachers Gift

crayon candy jar

School is back in session down here in Tennessee! It’s time to start getting back to that school year routine and back to work! Something I always like to do at the beginning of the school year is sit down with my kids and make their new teachers a beginning of the school year gift! It’s a fun back to school activity for the kids, and it’s a great way to make a first impression to the new teacher. (Now, I’m not calling it a bribe…but it can’t hurt right!? ha!). Teachers gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Just a reminder that we are thankful for the people that help shape our children’s minds for 7 hours a day. So this year we made these DIY Crayon Candy Jars! It only cost $3 to make, and I think it’s perfect for a teachers desk, don’t you? 

Here is how to make this DIY Crayon Candy Jar:

crayon jar DIY

You Will Need:

  • A glass jar (I got mine from the dollar tree!)
  • Crayons (I also got these from the Dollar Tree!)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Candy of your choice


Step 1: First you will want to pick your color scheme. I decided to go with the classic rainbow theme! You could mix it up any way you wanted! 

crayon craft

Step 2: It’s time to get gluing. First make sure your jar is clean and ready to go. You will put a line of hot glue on the seam of your crayons wrapper and then press your crayon onto your jar. You will want to make sure the pointy end is pointing up! 

crayon jar

Step 3: Continue to glue your crayons in your color pattern around your glass jar! It really is that easy.

crayon jar for teachers

Step 4: Last but not least, fill it with the candy of your choosing and wrap it up for the teacher in your life! That’s it! $3, and about 1o minutes of your time and you have a fun gift for teachers that they are sure to love!

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