Breakthrough offers a step by step approach to making and building a blog #BreakthroughBook

breakthrough taking your blog to a full time income
Breakthrough is a great introduction to how to begin a blog and take it to the next level. I wish I had bought something like this when I was first blogging. It tells you in a step by step format on what to do to get your blog off the ground. It covers guest posting, SEO, keywords, posting schedule, editorial calendar and so much more. It tells you when to post and how to get your readers engaged. It has so much good information that if you’re thinking of starting a blog you want to grab this book. It’s $15.99 that is well spent. I read and reviewed this book so I can give other would be bloggers a jump start on their blog. Blogs are started everyday. Not all blogs succeed but if you want to be one that does make sure you grab this book. Here’s some info about my friend Addi’s book.

One of the key challenges that every blogger faces is how to turn their passion into a profitable business. Whether you are new to blogging or already established, this book will help you develop a sustainable foundation that will transform your blog to increase your income.

Breakthrough provides you with proven strategies and realistic ways to grow your platform and run a successful blog.

Develop a brand strategy that will convey your unique voice to help establish a successful blog foundation

Learn how to write awesome content to build an audience that is engaged and frequently returns to your website

Discover strategies that will increase your traffic and tips for thinking beyond your blog

Explore ways to monetize your platform and learn proven strategies to earn a full-time income

Understand how to build a viable business along with tips to improve your productivity

Find out the secrets of successful influencers and how their advice can transform your blog

Thinking about starting your own blog? Want to learn more?


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