Key Ring App Review and $50 App Store Gift Card Giveaway

Key Ring App

Are you a loyal shopper?

Do you have lots of store loyalty cards in your wallet or on your key chain? I have a ton on my keys and although I love the benefits of the cards, it’s a pain digging in my purse for my keys when I get to the register to check out. With everything else I am juggling this ends up being somewhat of a hassle. 

Key Ring is the one!

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Key Ring App and I have to say, I think I found a keeper. With Key Ring, you store all of your loyalty cards, membership cards and your coupons in the Cards tab. You can either scan them or manually enter them. You can also find local sales, deals and coupons. It’s simple to use and on my last shopping trip it really came in handy. Key Ring is free to download and will make saving money hassle free. 

Key Ring App

I was able to create a shopping list right in the Lists tab of the Key Ring App. I love that my shopping list is saved in Key Ring. As I picked up the items I checked them off the list and headed to the counter. Instead of looking for my keys with my reward card, the cashier scanned the card right on my phone screen. If I had coupons, those would have been scanned the same way. So easy!

In the Join Programs Tab you will see different programs in your area that you can join. You can sign up for each program by tapping the program and then filling out the form. They had some great programs in my area for brands such as Old Navy, Pacsun, Yankee Candle and Foot Locker.

Key Ring App

The Offers tab gives you featured offers that you can sort by category or by what’s closest to you. You can save your offers  for easy access and print coupons for things like 20% of the bill at your favorite local restaurant.

The Sales tab allows you to view flyers from store in your area. You can view the flyers page by page and click on a page when you see something you like. You then see all the details of that sale and can add them to your shopping list with a single tap of your finger. Key ring has a huge database of stores and offers to choose from. 

I will continue to use Key Ring each time I go shopping. I love that it’s easy to switch from one card to the next and from one tab to another. There’s no confusion when using this app, everything is laid out clearly.  Key Ring is used by more than 12 million shoppers who have securely stored more than 60 million loyalty cards.  Download Key Ring for free for iOS  or Android and join the millions of satisfied users. 

Time for a giveaway!

So go download the app, “like” Key Ring on Facebook, “follow” Key Ring on Twitter and check out the official website here.  I am also giving away a $50 App Store gift card to 1 lucky reader! Be sure to enter the giveaway below for a $50 App Store gift card. And don’t forget to come back and tell me if you love the Key Ring app!

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