Free Printable: Father’s Day Word Search

Free Printable: Father's Day Word Search


Free Printable Father’s Day Word Search

With Father’s Day almost here, I decided to put together some printables to celebrate and give the kids a fun activity to do. I really love word searches because they are so much fun for the kids and it gives them some practice with spelling and learning different words. My daughter likes to time herself and see how long it takes to find all of the words. When there is more than 1 child involved they love to compete to find the most words  or finish their word search first. They don’t even realize that they are learning something new, they just know they enjoy it. 

Print this Father’s Day Word Search from the link below and while you’re at it check out my Father’s Day  Crossword Puzzle . It’s a great way to spend time with your kids and talk about the special “dads” in your lives. 

Get your word search here!

Father’s Day Word Search

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