14 tips on how to organize your kitchen

tips to organize your kitchen

14 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

Planning to organize your kitchen over the weekend? Read on for a few tips that’ll make the project easier to handle.

1. Organize bottles in your refrigerator doors by using six-pack beer holders to keep everything in place.

2. If you have odds and ends in your pantry, transfer those foods into containers or jars. You’ll free up some space and you’ll be able to better see everything you still have.

3. Label anything that isn’t immediately obvious.

4. Make your own towel hangers by using double-sided tape to attach clothespins to the wall. For more ways to efficiently run your home, check out Columbia Utilities on Facebook.

5. Prevent your knives from sliding and rattling by using a knife block specifically for drawers.

6. If you have limited closet and cupboard space in your kitchen, attach small items to the doors. You can pin boxes of baggies to the inside of the door, for example, to make more room on the shelves. It’s also a good idea to hang up your measuring spoons and cups for easy access.

7. Put drying racks in your cabinets to keep tupperware, dishes and other items neatly organized.

8. When organizing your fridge and pantry, keep the items you use the most on the lower shelves and toward the front and put all other items higher up and toward the back.

9. Keep your baggies and plastic bags organized by stuffing them in empty tissue boxes.

10. Keep your pans organized by using vertical wire organizers in the cabinets.

11. Need more storage space in a tall cupboard? Get a riser that you can move around to create an extra shelf.

12. Put spices in magnetic cases and arrange them on your refrigerator. They’ll stay out of your cupboard and they’ll always be within reach when you’re cooking.

13. The area directly under your sink can get cluttered with hard-to-reach cleaning supplies. Install a drawer so you can easily pull out everything you have stored.

14. Hang utensils on the wall and hang pots and pans from a high ceiling. They’ll always be nearby and you won’t take up precious storage space.

Once you’ve reorganized your entire kitchen, make a point to keep everything in order. Then, once a season, purge any items you no longer need and give your entire kitchen a deep cleaning.

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10 Replies to “14 tips on how to organize your kitchen”

  1. Putting labels is really helpful and this does not only apply in the kitchen but in all other areas at home. Especially when there are kids, it helps for them to know about items so they can be safe in the kitchen. We have our general organization every weekend.

  2. These are fantastic tips!! I really needed to read this! I love to organize and clean but sometimes I just don’t know where to start-especially in the kitchen. These are such helpful tips. I especially like number 3! I just got labels so I will do that ASAP! Thanks for sharing these tips. They are very helpful! Awesome blog post!!

  3. Thank you for sharing the fourteen tips, these are really awesome I think my wife should know about thia thing lol. We would lovw to try it out this great tips when we had time to do it thanks.

  4. Oh my kitchen could use a ton of help with organizing. I love these tips for organization. I love the idea of the drawer under the kitchen sink that is one of my least favorite parts of my kitchen.

  5. These were really great tips, especially as my kitchen is a space which really needs organising. I’d love more jars and containers to keep the cupboards organised. Old tissue boxes as baggy holders is such a great idea too!

  6. These are some really great tips to better organize the kitchen. Mine is an utter mess, so I think I need to apply some of these sooner rather than later. I especially liked the idea of using the six-pack holder to organize bottles and such. A much better way to get rid of those things than just throwing them in the garbage.

  7. These are great tips! I live in Scandinavia where the kitchens are very small compared to what I was used to in the US and keeping a neat and organized kitchen is an ongoing struggle. I’ve already been doing some of these, but I picked up a few new tips, thanks for that 🙂

  8. Love these tips. I just moved into a new home and I’m trying to organize the kitchen and boy is it work. So many good ideas here. Pinning and using right away! I especially like the riser idea. So smart.

  9. those tips are all superb + timely as i was just contemplating on where to put kitchen towels in my diminutive kitchen space. i think it is about time to put my newly-bought double-sided tapes to good use! thanks for sharing!

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