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I’ve been dealing with Rosacea for about 6 years now. Ugh I hate it. It makes my face super sensitive to everything. I feel the sun more than most people. The wind burns my face fast. It makes long car rides no fun and we love to go to the beach. It makes the beach no fun either. So I was super excited to try out Prosacea Medicated Rosacea Gel, which is dermatologist recommended, and see if it helped. It did help. 

Here’s my picture I took before I used this cream. See the redness and the bumps.

and the after on the same side of the face! 

The redness has really decreased as has the bumps. As with all products you should consult your doctor and read the instructions beforehand. I found that my sensitivity decreased as did my redness and bumps. It has kind of a cooling feeling when you apply it to your face. It did a great job controlling redness, bumps and irritation that comes with having Rosacea. Check out this video about Prosacea. 

Prosacea® has a 90% satisfaction rate with its users and is the number 1 over the counter go to product for this. I love how it can heal and not just conceal. So next time you think cover it up don’t. I stopped wearing makeup because it makes my rosacea worse. Now with the help of Prosacea I can put the Prosacea on first and then after it dries apply my make up. I’m healing not concealing. It’s so much better to heal then to conceal. 

Have you ever had a situation where you needed something to heal before you could put your make up on? What did you do about it? How have you dealt with Rosacea? Leave me a comment with your suggestion on dealing with it and you will be entered to win a contest in which 1 lucky reader will win a Prosacea® care package.

Like with everything in your medicine cabinet, please make sure to read and follow all label instructions before using.

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  1. I have also tried tons of stuff and have yet to find something that works. My latest was Mirvaso. It’s suppose to take away the redness for 12 hours. Well it only made my redness worse. I would like to try the Prosacea and see if maybe it can help.

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