Fiesta Tacos Recipe #ad

 Fiesta Tacos Recipe is good for the whole family! 


fiesta tacos recipe

My family always loves taco night. We have it at least once a month and sometimes more. When I make tacos I do things a bit differently from the norm. I have a big family (well to me it is) of 5 (a teen and a tween and a hardworking husband). They eat a lot. So I have to make my meals stretch. Here’s how I stretch my meals. I add beans and a can of tomatoes and chilis to my tacos. The kids love it and eat it up. Check out my Fiesta Tacos recipe!  

You need a pound of ground hamburger or ground turkey

half an onion diced

can of black beans rinsed

can of tomotoes and chilis

ground cumin and chili powder

crunchy taco shells from Old El Paso

3 Avocados from Mexico for amazing quacamole 

Cook the onion until it’s translucent. Add the hamburger and cook until no pink is seen anywhere. Add 1.5 tsp of cumin and 2 tsp of chili powder. Mix. Add in Black beans and tomatoes and chili’s. Stir together. Until warmed through. Cook shells and let the kids make their own tacos. 

fiesta tacos recipe 1

We love taco night. I always make a huge thing of guacamole and it’s gone that night. These are my daughter’s tacos and she just didn’t want any guac on her Fiesta Tacos this night. Which is unusual. I think she was getting sick. You guys know how that is. 

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