Cadbury egg cupcake #12daysof

cadbury egg cupcake


12 Days of Easter food and crafts all in one place!

Have you enjoyed our sharing the 12 days of Easter recipes and crafts? We’ve enjoyed sharing them with you. Everything we do we do for our readers. You’re going to love today’s recipe. Check out what Krista made for us below! 

Easter is here already can you believe it! So 12 of my best blogger friends have created 12 Days of Easter recipes and crafts for you. You can check them out out here! Here is one from the CRAZY Adventure of Country Divas girls. They are addicts of chocolate and they made a Cadbury Peeps Cupcake thats just Ooey and Gooey (yes, I made that up). So click on this link and check these out, I know I did! Don’t blame me when your on a chocolate high!

Now check out my friend’s Easter related posts and give them a visit too!

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