Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Recipe

Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Recipe

Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Recipe

Do you ever get that craving for something that is spicy yet cool at the same time? (I know it can’t be just me, ha!). Well I had one of those cravings today, so I searched my fridge to find something that sounded good. You guys, I made something awesome out of stuff I had (and you probably have) in my kitchen already! Sriracha is my absolute favorite sauce and I put that stuff on everything. I’m also a sucker for anything that I can dip, which is where this Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Recipe came from. It’s spicy, chunky (in a good way!) and cool and perfect for chips or veggies. 

Here is how to make this Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Recipe:


You Will Need:

  • Tub of Sour Cream 
  • Ranch Packet
  • Bacon You could use bacon bits like I did, or get real fancy and fry it up yourself.)
  • Sriracha 
  • Green Onions

Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip

First, Spoon your sour cream into a bowl and add your ranch packet. Stir to combine.

Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Steps

Second, It’s time to add your bacon! If you use bacon bits you can pour them strait in. If you are frying your own make sure you chop it up and let it cool before adding it to your dip. 


Third, It’s time to get a little (or a lotta) spicy. I didn’t use a measurement for the sriracha. I just added some, tasted it, and added some more until it was spicy enough for my liking. (Note- if you have never used sriracha, a little goes a long way.).

Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Recipe

Last, Chop up some green onion and add it into your dip. Again, I didn’t measure this, just eyeballed it. It depends on how much of that flavor you want to dominate your dip. 

Sriracha Bacon Ranch Dip Recipe

That’s it! 5 ingredients and 4 minutes and you have a delicious dip the whole family is sure to love! Make sure to make extras because I bet it will run out quick!



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